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Help The Eritrean & Sudanese People Being Tortured in the Sinai Desert

The situation for immigrants passing through the Sinai desert is horrifying.

I am appealing because thousands of people have been held in torture camps and prisons in the Sinai desert for the last 2 years and nobody is saying anything. I do not want it to be remembered in the history books as a time when the world stood still, rather as one in which, we, the people of our time succeeded in doing something. 

Beduin smugglers take African Asylum seekers, mainly Eritreans and Sudanese, either by kidnap or as a promise to take them into Israel. Instead, they end up taking them to torture camps where they inflict a series of violent acts, including:-

• Raping the women almost every night.

• Pouring hot plastics on victim’s bodies.

• Electroshock torture.

• Brandishing.

• Systematic abuse (slapping, punching).

• Tying them up with chains so they cannot move

• Giving them little to eat.

• Sexual abuse.

All of this is done until they recieve extortions of up to $40,000. They make them call family members while hitting them. Many end up selling their houses in order to pay for their loved one's release. To those who are not able to pay, they kill them or sell thier organs or both.

Many of the women that escape, immediately opt for abortions.

The Israeli authorities, so far have imprisoned one person, while the Egyptian authorities so far have done nothing. They will either take the escapees to prison and deport them, or shoot them on site if found on the border crossing.

There is nothing more that I can say. These are some of the worst crimes being commited against humanity. If we do not make a stand today, then when do we take a stand. Let us make a choice to do the right thing, and let's make sure this does not become forgotten.

Please join my campaign in asking the Egyptian and Israeli authorities to free those prisoners!

Letter to
UNHCR High Commission
You must free those Eritrean and Sudanese migrants that are being imprisoned in the Sinai desert under ruthless Bedouin smugglers.

They are being held in the Sinai desert heading from Sudan through Egypt into Israel. They are tortured, and harrassed in the worst of circumstances, while being forced to pay $20,000 (now reportedly $40,000). If they do not they torture them, threaten to cut out their kidneys and sell them.

This is unacceptable. Just because these people are not one of your citizens does not mean they are not humans with heart, soul, and feelings just like you.

You must act now to put criminals on trial, and those in prisons should be freed.


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