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Petitioning County Executive Rushern Baker

Help the environment and the economy! Tell Prince George’s County –the new medical center should be Metro-accessible for everyone

Prince George’s County is about to make a decision on where to put a new state-of-the-art Regional Medical Center. 

Building a new regional medical center with convenient access to Metro means less traffic, less global warming air pollution from cars, and more convenient access to quality healthcare for everyone, including individuals who must rely exclusively on transit. 

Most importantly, putting a new hospital near transit can jumpstart other quality development, meaning a big economic boost for Prince George’s and potentially thousands of new jobs for county residents.

Please let County Executive Rushern Baker know that you want a convenient, environmentally-friendly regional medical center that will help to invigorate existing neighborhoods, improve our economy, and not worsen the sprawl that drains our finances every day. Sign the Coalition for Smarter Growth’s petition!

Letter to
County Executive Rushern Baker
We urge you to ensure that the planned Regional Medical Center is located at a Metro station. Not locating this new major facility at a Metro station would be a major missed opportunity to catalyze transit-oriented economic development while increasing access to quality healthcare.

All Prince George’s County residents have a vested interest in getting the decision right about where to locate and how to design the new Regional Medical Center. We need to ensure that the most competitive healthcare benefits and economic development opportunities are leveraged through the design and location choice for the Regional Medical Center.

One great option is the Largo Town Center Metro station. The station area has the vacant land, roadway connections, bus service, nearby retail, residential and office uses to be a new mixed-use destination and downtown district. The medical center can be sensitively located in the existing community around the Largo Town Center Metro station to manage traffic and ensure that existing residents will have improved access to the Metro, nearby services, offices, and new jobs. Combined with a pedestrian-friendly design, a new hospital center can create a new heart to the Metro station area, enliven the community around it, and be an economic engine for the county.

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