Help the Employees of Mocha Joe's Cafe Receive a Livable Wage

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We, the employees of the Mocha Joe’s Cafe, have compiled a set of demands in regards to our working environment, compensation for our labor and overall well-being. The risk and sacrifice we make to ensure the investments and profit of the company is not sustainable, ethical or equitable.

1. All employees of Mocha Joe’s Cafe will receive $15.00 per hour of labor while receiving tips.

2. Reinstatement of Lucie Fosters’s employment to Mocha Joe’s Cafe with no prerequisites required of them.

3. Mocha Joe’s Roasting Company will provide to all Cafe employees full disclosure and transparency of company finances, for both the Cafe and Roasting shop.

4. All employees of Mocha Joe’s Cafe, in the circumstance where a quarantine period because of Covid-19 is needed, will receive two weeks of paid time off equal to a total of 30 hours of labor if the employee is not receiving unemployment during that time.

5. Mocha Joe’s Cafe will not reopen the indoor seating area or the employee bathroom to the public until the employees decide it is safe to do so.

6. Mocha Joe’s Roasting Company will meet these financial compensation demands before investment of new or additional infrastructure, machinery or appliances for Mocha Joe’s Cafe or Mocha Joe’s Roasting Shop.