The Duke Tavern

The Duke Tavern

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Started by Lucy Best

We are the proud new owners of a pub in Russell, Bay of Islands. The Duke Tavern.

The place has been closed for over 6 months and we know we can get it back up and running successfully. To do that we need full access to what the premises has to offer including our large family friendly garden area.

We would like to licence this area from 10am until 9:30pm. It will most likely be used between the hours of 12noon and 8pm. We have restricted access in the evenings due to close proximity to neighbouring businesses and home owners. 

We have worked together with the council (who have been absolutely astounding during this whole process) to get all our licences and compliances done in an incredibly short amount of time and were really excited to be opening a couple of weeks before Coastal Classic which happens on Labour Weekend. We have had a single public objection, to which we have responded with a more than fair and reasonable way to move forward, however it has not been reciprocated and we now have to go ahead and licence the premises without our wonderful garden area due to financial commitments with rent, subscriptions and staff.

Without the garden, the pub will feel claustrophobic, there will not be much natural light coming in and our beautiful Russell families, local patrons and visitors will not be able to use the garden how it is intended. We will be keeping the garden doors closed until the matter is resolved. We do not feel it fair to ask patrons to enjoy the garden with their food but leave their drinks inside on gloriously sunny NZ days. 

In time we would like to give children somewhere to play and be able to host family fun days with barbecues and entertainment, we can apply for special licences each time but this is costly and quite frankly unnecessary when the area can be licensed and will be well monitored and well managed. 

Please sign to help us prove that one negative opinion does not and should not represent a community who have missed their local pub and who want to see this place open and doing well again. 

We appreciate your support, thank you very much. 

G.L.O Promotions Ltd

2,914 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!