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Help the Dogs: Dismantle the Puppy Mill Industry

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There is a puppy mill in your community. With an estimated 15,000 puppy mills in the U.S., there is one, on average, within 20 miles of every American household.

In these mass-production “factories” mother dogs suffer their entire lives, forced to produce litter after litter of puppies until their bodies can no longer produce, then they are disposed of in the cheapest way possible -- often on the property, by drowning, shooting, beating or being buried alive.   

Hundreds, sometimes thousands of dogs per mill live in overcrowded and unsanitary cages without sufficient food, water, grooming, veterinary care or socialization. Dogs are kept outside in small wire pens or in sheds with no temperature control, exposed to extreme heat and cold, and other harsh conditions, including high levels of ammonia that lead to coronary and respiratory ailments.

Puppy mills are an urgent, widespread problem. But you can help.

Pledge now to stand with heroes on-the-ground taking direct and compassionate action to end the suffering and save dogs from a torturous life. By standing with Animal Rescue Corp, you are helping give them a chance at safety, security, and love for the very first time.

Make a stand for the dogs, and pledge to do all you can to support rescue of suffering animals and to shut down puppy mills in your community. With your support, Animal Rescue Corps will continue to remove breeding mothers from their cramped wire cages and show them compassion and security for the first time.

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