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Help the children with their campaign for federal hygiene legislation for our public schools.

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The Children's Global Hygiene Foundation and its ambassadors, who are children from around the world, are conducting a campaign to have both major political parties commit to bringing down hygiene legislation for public schools within the first 12 months of government. The campaign is being run through the a children's club called

There is no hygiene legislation for schools. There is however hygiene legislation in day care centres, pubs, clubs, restaurants, places of work etc but not in our schools.

Many older school toilets do not meet the minimum standards set by health departments. We know that 15% of all Irratable Bowel Syndrome cases in children are caused by children not wanting to use school toilets because they are disgusting.

The only form of defence against many forms of bacteria and viruses is hand washing with soap and water. We know through many studies that children washing their hands 4 times a day at critical moments will reduce Gastroenteritis by 50% and the Flu by 24% within the school setting.

The decision and the responsibility is left up to the school principal as to how or if the toilets should be maintained with soap etc. 

This has always been a guarded topic amongst the school Principals. They are reluctant to go into the public arena and voice their concerns about the inability in some schools to always provide soap in the school toilets due to vandalism and kids just being kids and mucking around. After all no Principal wants mothers at his/her office door every second day demanding something be done.

A large number of schools will be unprepared for any viral or bacterial infection. Many at present rely on waterless gels in classrooms as a means of providing hand hygiene rather than soap in the toilets. This does not stop the spread of gastro in the school setting in fact it only increases it as the child returns from the toilet spreading the virus to the classroom.

Hygiene legislation in schools will make it the government’s responsibility and not that of the principal. Our children should be afforded at the minimum the same level of protection that is afforded to the rest of the public. That is to have regular toilet inspections by a qualified Environmental Health and Safety Officer to ensure that standards are being maintained.

It is not the responsibility of Principal nor the P&C/P&F to have to try and solve the issue nor find the funds. That is our government’s role. 

Some of you may think that we fuss too much over hand washing and that our children need to be able to build up their own resistance to germs.

What the foundation is concerned about is our lack of preparedness to a virus that we have no defence against other than hand washing that can be here in Australia within 24 hours from anywhere in the world. You might remember the Swine Flu. 
Hand washing is seen by all medical professionals as the first line of defence against every communicable disease. Surely our children deserve to have that protection in our schools if our government already demand it of everywhere else within our community.

We all care about the health of children within the school environment and should therefore sign this petition. Don't wait until your child's school is struck down with Gastro, ask for the change to be made now.



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