Help the Castro Family #stopseparatingfamilies

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We are American citizens, and our family is being torn apart.

My dad Henry Castro came to this country as a 17-year-old in 1994. He was told that he would receive a notice of his immigration hearing in the mail, but he never did. There is proof that his letter was delivered to someone he didn’t know.

Now, almost 25 years later, he is a father of six and an active member of our community, and he is being asked to leave us all behind. My dad has never committed a crime and was a minor when he came to the U.S. To send him back to Guatemala now is unfair.

A week ago, my father was given two choices: voluntarily leave the country or to appeal the asylum case that he lost. On Tuesday, August 14 2018, he has to report back to court with his decision. We’re asking the judge to consider a third option: Let him stay in the country with his family.

As a daughter and older sister, I don’t want to see my younger siblings grow up without a father. Please join us in urging the judge in my father’s case to offer us another option that doesn’t break my family apart. Your support will show the judge that my father deserves a chance. Sign our petition to help.