Help The Bees & Environment By Making Bus Stop Shelters Wildflower Gardens


Help The Bees & Environment By Making Bus Stop Shelters Wildflower Gardens

This petition made change with 48,726 supporters!
Yazmin Zoe Muir started this petition to East Sussex County Council and

Dear reader,

My name is Yazmin, and this is my Brighton Bee Bus Stop petition.

At present the globe is facing economic disaster. We have reached a point of crisis, Since the 1970s it has been shown that 41% of all UK species have declined. The fact of the matter is heartbreaking, so I have set about to see what local councils and individuals can do to make a difference.

Loss of habitat is one of the major causes that is driving wildlife decline. As individuals we can do our best to support the reintegration of wildlife in our cities by planting wildflowers, recycling, eating largely plant based diets and supporting local farmers rather than industrial food production industry.

On a community level, local councils can also help to encourage more biodiversity by incorporating wildlife habitats in amongst our own societal structures, such as public bus stops, train stations and public communal areas of the city.

As a constantly expanding species, it is important for us to consider the homes of the creatures that once vastly inhabited the landscape we now call our city. It is fundamental to incorporate habitation for crucial wildlife to maintain biodiversity and natural balance.

The overall impact of decline in wildlife has a detrimental effect on all areas of flora, fauna, and human wellbeing! Taking one small step within our city to encourage wildlife and biodiversity will positively contribute to the welfare of our eco system and citizens overall.

Through some basic research I have learned that Utrecht Council in Holland have collaborated with ClearChannel and have successfully transformed 316 public transport stops into 'Bee Bus stops' since 2019.

These bee stops not only support the city’s biodiversity by attracting honey bees, bumblebees, and other bee species, but they also capture fine dust, store rainwater and provide cooling in the summertime.

Adding urban plants also has other benefits including, Increasing biodiversity, noise pollution, reducing stress, beautifying the city, absorbing carbon and improving air quality.

In April 2020 in the UK, Cardiff Council followed suit, introducing over 10 bee bus stops under the same scheme as Utrecht.

Brighton and Hove are known for their eclectic values and friendly ethos. In the face of the climate crisis Brighton has a great opportunity to set an example for other UK councils by introducing the Bee Bus Stop project within our communities and take a step towards an even greener city. Matching our ultra low emission busses with carbon filtering bus stops!

I implore readers to sign this petition. Support the endorsement of action that so desperately needs to be taken. Brighton and Hove have over 150 bus stop - plastic eyesores peppering our streets; just imagine how beautiful our cities would be, outfitting our urban jungle with natural eco reform.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something - Greta Thunberg.

My name is Yazmin, and this is our city. I have pledged my life to help support and sustain a better world for my children to grow up in, to make sure that their children have a world to grow up in. The future is in our hands we must act now. Please support OUR cause.


This petition made change with 48,726 supporters!

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