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Help Tad stop the animals abuse and cruelty

Tad is a wonderful dog that was left on the side of the road is very bad shape.  He had no fur on his neck, chin or belly. His ears had no hair  and his right ear his missing a large flap of skin on the underside of the flap. Deep wounds on the back of his neck. His front feet are also severely swollen and painful to walk on, as well as having incredibly long and super soft nails. Tad has two types of mange: Demodex and Sarcoptic. He has a large laceration on his right front leg. He is severely malnourished; he is starving to death. Very Deep wound on the outside of his right leg.  He was so dehydrated he needed cream for his eyes.

These animals are loving creatures and DO NOT deserve to be treated this way.  They need the love and respects from humans,  the same love and respect they show us.  We need to work for these animals have have stronger sentences out into place so we can put a stop to all this animal cruelty.  We can't turn the other way and think it will go away.  What would ou do if it was happending to your animals or your child.  You would stand your ground and do something.  This is our chance to stand our ground for all animals

Please sign the petition so we can bring an end to all this abuse of this wonderful animals.  They are like our kids,  they are part of the family,  a huge part of our lives and they to are our future.

Letter to
Your Governor
We, the undersigned, urge you to enforce stronger laws and sentences for animal abuse and cruelty

We need to put an end to all the animal abuse that is happening worldwide. Animals are a HUGE part of our daily lives and play a very key role in it from seeing eye dogs to police dogs and everything in between. We need to show them all the respect and love they deserve. NO creature should have to go through what is happening to these animals no. It is unacceptable and has to stop. Animals are getting abused, tortured, killed for no reason other than sick people enjoying watching them suffer. The criminals are just getting a slap on the hand and nothing else. If they will do this to an animal they could do it to a child as well.

Let us work together to make it a safer place for animals to live and enough like to the fullest like they deserve to.

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