Help Support A First All Black Summer School In A Historically Black Town Whitesboro,NJ

Help Support A First All Black Summer School In A Historically Black Town Whitesboro,NJ

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 This is a petition for each state in the United states to invest 500,000 in creating change for black americans. It is no secret that black people are not awarded the same opportunities as white americans. Over four-hundred years of oppression from the government now it is time for the government to invest in us!

        My team and I are in the process of building an all black summer boarding school to fit 1,000 students, each SUMMER year, ages 12-18 by the year 2025. We want The Underground Arts Institution to be fully government funded without creative regulations. Due to the set back America has caused in the wealth and racial equity of black people, this school can set black people forward by guiding black children to become lawyers, politicians, doctors, professors, and obtain higher levels of education. This is a school that will be dedicated to guiding children and giving them mentors, scholarships, internship opportunities, and much more to ensure their success! Many children of working families can not afford college, or know adults who can mentor their children down the correct path! Black children deserve to be mentored by people that look like them! They should be able to see themselves in their dreams! We want to provide that safe space for them to ensure them a fair chance at obtaining not only wealth, but contributing activism in their future professional careers to guide better achievement for ALL BLACK AMERICANS. 

This Program will be with a primary focus of Medical Professionalism, political science studies,  Entrepreneurship, and Attorney studies. but not limited to many avenues that black children can be awarded to such as social work, engineering, education, science, and more! 

Why is having more black lawyers important? 

Black men are the most incarcerated group in America, the odds are statistically against them! With many individuals lacking adequate funds for lawyers to assist them in a fair trial, this school can help cover legal fees if needed, and build children to become lawyers in their own community to keep more black people out of prison. This Legal mentor program will help young children stay motivated to create change in their own community by the scholarship and mentoring services we will be providing before they enter college.  

 Why should more black children go into politics? 

The only people that know how to help us are us. Unfortunately the government is overwhelmingly white! More black people getting into the political field can have a huge impact on the economical development of our people. Having even a 5% increase in african americans in political leadership roles can have a HUGE IMPACT ON NOT ONLY HOW WE ARE TREATED, BUT THE RESOURCES THAT WILL BE AVAILABLE TO US! MORE SCHOLARSHIP, BETTER FUNDING FOR HBCUS (because let's be real, hbcu scholarship money is NOT IT), Job security, AND SO MUCH MORE 


Where will the school be?

Location: Whitesboro, New Jersey 

Why did we chose this location: 

Whitesboro, New Jersey is considered a forgotten town when it comes to black history. The town was established in 1902 as a town exclusively for African Americans. The idea came to mind when blacks fled from the south to create a better opportunity in the north. As we know, blacks during that time did not get treated fairly , so when they settled in cape may county they were met with resistance by white residents. As always, black people have to stick together so Mr.White created The African-American Equitable Industrial Association and made it possible for black residents to own land, and feel safe in their own exclusive black community, now known as Whitesboro. 

We chose to build the school here because the accomplishment of this town goes unnoticed, and we want to raise more attention to this forgotten gem of black history. The historical aspect of Harriet Tubmen living close by, and the under ground rail road being one of the four spots that took place in freeing slaves. New jersey was a major route for slaves escaping their plantations, and being brought to history. Also, Harriet Tubman lived in cape may, in the summers, to fund her underground railroad mission. It's important to continue her legacy to us, and continue to broadcast what many people do not know. 

About the school: 

For two months students will be staying on campus expanding their minds, and creative abilities. Our mission is for kids to learn these abilities and bring them into their own communities to uplift change in america. Knowledge is power, and we need the power to be brought back into our black communities by teaching children what needs to be taught such as financial literacy, community organizing, fundraising, and de-escalation tactics to not get us killed by racist cops When put into difficult situations with the police. Furthermore, there will be dance studios taught by dance teachers, sports teams supervised by professional sports players. mental health spaces, and a numerous amount of clubs available to the children's liking which is explained in further detail down above. Due to Whitesboro being down the shore, the kids will have the opportunity to do fun activities such as going to the beach, horseback riding, waterparks, exploring the Harriet Tubman museum, the New York black panther party exhibits, and more trips. Students will be required to serve 1 hour a week for community service advised by a team member at the underground arts. 

This school will include an all black staff of  

medical professional (Doctors, dentist, nurses, physician assistants)
Social workers 
Financial Advisors 
The money will be used towards: 

Free Room and Board 

Meals for the children 

Dorm Rooms 


The building of the school 


More in detail budget coming to the public in March 20th 


Once the children are in our system they will always have access to free tutoring services for Math, Reading, Science, and Social studies online for the full school year. 

We will  provide scholarships to some of the children going to college once we receive their financial aid status and acceptance letter. 

We will write letter of recommendations for your children about the work they have completed

Free School supplies and book bags will be given out to the students who are accepted at the completion of the summer program! (clothes, bookbags, shoes) 

 If any student online or on campus is in need of supplies, clothes, food we have social workers available for their needs completely free 

During the 9 months of the school being unoccupied By student 

There will be access to: 






DISCLAIMER: If the government will not fund us, we will find a way! but if this petition gets over a million signatures and they still turn us down without even a meeting! Than we know where they stand, and where they will always stand. if one thing's for certain black people have to do things themselves in order to achieve anything in this american life!!! This generation is the generation of change!!!!!!  IN 20 YEARS WE WILL BE SITTING EQUALLY AT THE TOP! 

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617 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!