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Help Sulphur OK Animals

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The City of Sulphur, OK is currently not allowing public access to the City Pound, They have also refused to use kuranda beds donated to the pound. Animals are kept in a metal shed without proper insulation (a truck load of donated insulation sits unused one building down from the pound), they have no A/C and only one fan to cool them in the summer months and one small heater unit to warm them in the winter months- (this unit only reaches the first 2 cages). There are 10 kennels in all (7 foot x 3 foot), the dogs receive no outdoor time (Money was raised earlier this year to build an outside kennel area for the dogs and volunteers as well as 10 inmates were ready to install and pour concrete at no cost to the city.... donations (over $3,000) were returned to donors instead of building the kennels (plans were pre-approved by the City Manager and Public Works Director).

As of July 2012, the City will no longer allow anyone living within Sulphur City limits to adopt an animal from the pound (you have to go elsewhere to adopt), if you live outside the city limits they will hand you a dog at the gate- no paperwork is exchanged, animals are not spayed/neutered either (this violates OK State Law).

The City is also refusing to let volunteers help with placing animals by photographing animals and posting to petfinder and other social media in hopes of rescue or adoption before they are euthanized. Prior to the closing off of volunteers at the shelter- volunteers made the pound virtually No-Kill, a 96% live outcome rate over the previous 8 months. Animals were spayed/neutered prior to adoption if old enough or if younger, a sterilization agreement was signed and followed up on, animals received parvo/distemper vaccines and vetting thanks to volunteers and were also available at adoption events.

The City feels that a new shelter privately run for Murray County is the solution and not improvements to the current facility. The New Animal Shelter is GOING to be the answer but we are still a ways away from seeing this dream become a reality, in the mean time and alongside the efforts of getting a new shelter in Murray County.... we need to make improvements to the current facility...... allow public and volunteer access (the shelter is behind a locked gate and the City sites liability issues- we have a liability release that was in use and approved by the Chief of Police earlier this year and public access is permitted behind this gate for the tornado shelter and trash drop offs WITHOUT a release of liability), the animals need exposure to help adoptions and return-to-owner outcomes, the animals have the right to be comfortable during their short pound stay with kuranda beds (already donated to keep them off the hard concrete floor most often wet and soiled), they have a right to have proper ventilation and air flow as well as appropriate heating and cooling, they have a right to outdoor time to run off excess energy and relieve themselves, the community has a right to know where the dog pound is located (the City currently refuses to put up ANY signs directing the public to the pound and will not allow signage at the gate either- we have 4 signs already donated), the community has the right to have access and accountability at the city pound and the community and volunteers have the right to make positive changes for the benefit of the City, the Community and the Animals.

If you agree .... Please sign. Together we can improve these current conditions while we work towards a new and better facility geared towards adoption and sanctuary for the animals of Murray County- all of them.

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