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Help Stop Use of Downed Meat in Our Meat Supply

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U.S.D.A definition of a downed animal: Any nonambulatory animal that cannot stand/walk unassisted due to illness or injury.

The National Meat Association is trying to overturn a law passed by the state of California that excludes "downer meat" from our meat supply. Why is this important to you? Because California is one of the largest beef suppliers in the U.S.A.
Their slaughterhouses distribute meat across the country to restaurants, grocery stores, and even the National School Lunch Program.

Downed animals have an increased risk of numerous health issues, like E.Coli, Salmonella, and BSE (Mad Cow Disease). "Farmers" are complaining that it costs too much to euthanize these cattle, and that they are losing too much money. But is it worth the health risk they would be giving the consumer?

They also argue that federal law states that it is okay for companies to "sometimes sell meat from downed animals to consumers", and that this should override state law. If this law is overturned, there are so many other state laws that will come light and be argued.

These animals are SICK. And consumers should not have to eat "sick meat". Please help me get this passed! A decision should be made in Jan/Feb 2012. Thank you for your support.

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