Help Stop This Antisemitic Race Based Hate Group

Help Stop This Antisemitic Race Based Hate Group

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Dante Fortson started this petition to NAACP and

Within the borders of America exists a sinister ANTISEMITIC RACE BASED HATE GROUP known as URBAN APOLOGISTS (UA). They have made it their mission to target, slander, and demonize any and all BLACK PEOPLE that can trace their lineage to Biblical Israelites, such as the Lemba (Zimbabwe), Igbo (Nigeria), and others.

UPDATE - FEB. 2022

Recently video was posted in which Mike Pereira (Faithful To God) and Garfield Reid were talking about "paying a visit" to an Israelite to do violence. The video contains Mike Periera telling Garfield Reid to be careful because said Israelite lives in an open carry state. Reid's response was "there's more than one way to skin a cat". In that same video Periera mentions pulling up and assaulting the same Israelite based on his ethnic claims.

These people pose a serious threat and danger to society in general, but Israelites specifically. We take these threats seriously and now believe the authorities should be involved.

The U.N. Defines Hate Speech As Follows

"In the context of this document, the term hate speech is understood as any kind of communication in speech, writing or behaviour, that attacks or uses pejorative or discriminatory language with reference to a person or a group on the basis of who they are, in other words, based on their religion, ethnicity, nationality, race, colour, descent, gender or other identity factor. This is often rooted in, and generates intolerance and hatred and, in certain contexts, can be demeaning and divisive." - United Nations Strategy and Plan of Action On Hate Speech

Urban Apologists Spreading Hate Through Media

Urban Apologists have even gone as far as to spread their HATE GROUP ideology through media outlets such as Sports Illustrated. Writer Kalyn Kahler consulted John-Mark Rieser (Vocab Malone), for her Sports Illustrated article, and wrote the following:

"Vocab Malone (John-Mark Rieser), the pen name of a Christian author and critic, an expert on Hebrew Israelism who publishes educational videos on religions to YouTube, says that he’s been contacted by several NFL chaplains who are concerned that Hebrew Israelism is creeping into the league."

John-Mark Rieser is by no means an "expert" on Israelites. We have had multiple encounters and conversations with him, which always results in him ignoring the facts, and then proceeding to make up whatever he wants to spread to the media. Fabricating the "facts" does not make one an expert, but it does make them a dishonest source of HATE SPEECH.

There Is No Such Thing As "Hebrew Israelism"

This irresponsible, uninformed, and outright HATE FILLED article published by Sports Illustrated demonstrates the level of hatred and misinformation being pushed by this group in general and John-Mark Rieser in particular. There is no such thing as "Hebrew Israelism".

  • Some Israelites are Christian.
  • Some Israelites are Muslim.
  • Some Israelites are Mormon.
  • Some Israelites are Catholics.
  • Some Israelites are Atheists.
  • Some Israelites keep Torah only.
  • Some Israelites keep Torah and parts of the New Testament.

We come from all walks of life and have different beliefs systems just like any other ethnic group. We are not a monolithic group with a single ideology or belief system. This is 100% incorrect and needs to be publicly retracted by Sports Illustrated.

  • Hebrew Israelite is NOT a religion.
  • Hebrew Israelite is NOT a doctrine.
  • Hebrew Israelite is NOT a belief system.

What we are... are people just like everyone else. We have jobs and families that are constantly affected by the ungodly and evil actions of the Urban Apologetics hate group.

The Racist Term "Moderate" As Used By Urban Apologists

One very telling sign of their racist agenda is the use of the word "moderate" to specifically refer to black Christians that claim descent from Israel. ALTON JOHNSON makes that very clear in the following video after deceptively trying to avoid answering what the word "moderate" refers to:

Here is another video in which ALTON JOHNSON expresses his desire for black people claiming descent from Israel to be classified as a hate group solely based on our racial identity, which fits the U.N. definition of HATE SPEECH.

The following video is from ALTON JOHNSON making the claim that Israelites cannot receive salvation, which he bases solely based on our racial identity claim. This no different than many white supremacist ideologies towards black people as a whole.

ALTON JOHNSON is one of the worst offenders because even after having everything explained to him, he still chooses to push a false narrative based completely on our claims to racial identity, while using the title of "Christian" to cover his heinous, deceptive, and racist actions.

Urban Apologists' Documented Hate Based Attacks

The Sports Illustrated article made the claim that Rieser puts out "educational videos", but a quick glance at John-Mark Rieser's YouTube channel quickly reveals that the majority of his videos are race based attacks on the Israelite community. One video that is very well known among Israelites, is one in which he refers to us as "coons" three times in the first 30 seconds of the video (see the video at the top). Here are just a few of the links to that video and others released by this HATE GROUP:

There are more videos than this that have been created by other members of their group. What makes this HATE GROUP unique is its racial and religious makeup. They are a group of individuals consisting of various ethnicities and in some cases contradictory belief systems (Seventh Day Adventist, Roman Catholic, Calvinist, Atheists, etc.), but they are all united in one thing... their HATRED for any black person that claims to be a descendant of Biblical Israelites.

  • They make unwarranted race based attacks against the family history of some people in our community.
  • They make unwarranted race based attacks against our DNA results that prove we are descendants of the Lemba, Igbo, and other Bantu tribes associated with Israelites in Africa.
  • They make false claims about our beliefs and more.

Most recently, they've begun to attack The Lemba, who are recognized by the scientific and Jewish community as being descendants of Biblical Israelites, but more specifically Levite descendants of Aaron (the brother of Moses). They have gone as far as trying to prove that the Lemba aren't actually descendants of Israel. They will not dispute any research done by Europeans, but will solely focus on anyone with black skin that shares the research, books, articles, etc. released and published by Europeans.

Neutral 3rd Party Observations

  • YouTube recently de-monetized John-Mark Rieser's (Vocab Malone) channel for HATE SPEECH.
  • GEDmatch, a genetics company recently viewed Marshelle Forbe's (Cherry Love) channel, and made the following comments:

"Hi Dante,

I have forwarded your question on to our administrative staff to look into and reply back to you.  I will say that other GEDmatch users have emailed us about this person's videos, and from what little of the videos I have seen, the individual seems to have some sort of racially motivated agenda to push, as well as advancing theories on race / ethnicities that have been debunked for some time as at best simply untrue, and at worst flat out racist.-- 

Kirk H - GEDmatch support"

(screenshots of the email conversation are available)

If you have ever been offended by the HATEFUL actions of the Urban Apologists, please support this petition. If they've ever targeted you based solely on your racial identity claims, please support this petition. If they've ever lumped you in with other people's belief systems based solely on your racial identity claims, please support this petition. If they have intentionally misrepresented what you believe based solely on your racial identity claims, please support this petition. If you believe people have the right to not be harassed, slandered, and targeted based solely on their claims to racial identity or lineage, please support this petition.

The following individuals are associated with the Urban Apologetics HATE GROUP and are active in spreading their race based hate against anyone with black skin that claims to have genetic descent from the Israelites of the Bible:

John-Mark Rieser (Vocab Malone) - Calvinist

Eric Mason of Epiphany Fellowship Philly - Evangelical Christian

Damon Richardson of UrbanLogia Ministries - Evangelical Christian

Abdelmasih Almanhatani (Abu) - Roman Catholic

Laron Campbell (G-Kon) - Open Theism

Marshelle Forbes (Cherry Love) - Christian?

Vincente Randall - Unknown

Currently uses his PayPal account to help fund this hate group.

Mike Pereira (Faithful To God) - Christian?

Isaiah Robertson - Christian?

Garfield Reid - Atheist

Alfredo Valentin (BK Apologist) - Christian?

Michelle Turner

Rick Caldwell

Least Influential / Important Urban Apologists

  • Ambassador Everett
  • Ryan Robertson (
  • Roger Sherman II
  • Jon Averice (93 Avarice / 93)
  • Selam Alexandria
  • Alton Johnson
  • Kevin L. Gleaton (Kevin G)
  • Jonathan Smalls
  • Robert Anderson (TruthSeekers Read) - Teaches that any black person that claims Israelite as a nationality is going to hell and cannot be saved.

This group of HATE FILLED individuals needs to classified as a HATE GROUP and needs to be held accountable for their racist actions. If they were targeting any other group of people based solely on their skin color and lineage claims, they would be classified as a HATE GROUP.

Please support this cause by signing this petition to bring awareness about this HATE GROUP.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!