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As September 1, 2011 approaches so does the killing season in a little town called Taiji in the Wakayama Prefecture of Japan. Hundreds of dolphins are killed in the cove between September and March.

The dolphins are hunted and driven into the Killing Cove by the Fishermen's Union of Taiji, using banger boats to steer them. Then once in the Cove a net is drawn behind them and a few of them if they are nice specimens are taken into captivity, those that are not selected they are systematically slaughtered.

Fishermen slay the dolphins by driving a pin into their necks, by slashing their throats with knives or by spearing them with long harpoons from their boats. In addition, members of the international dolphin display industry attend these dolphin slaughters to purchase show-quality dolphins for use in captive dolphin shows and dolphin swim programs. 

This is the largest scale dolphin slaughter in the world and unfortunately very few know it even takes place. Even in Japan, not many people are aware of this atrocity occurring. The dead dolphins are then taken via boat to the gutting barge and then the carcasses are taken to the butcher house. The meat is then sold to the citizens of Japan and served as lunch to children in school. Dolphin and whale meat is highly toxic. It contains high levels ofthe heavy metal,  Mercury. Japan has had 2 major outbreaks  of Minamata disease.

How is it possible for these acts to continue to take place? The answer is not simple, yet it is fair to say that in large part this problem persists due to lack of education, and a lack of knowledge about what is taking place in Japan. Basically, the Japanese government does not want the international community to become aware of the annual slaughter. It is up to everyone, especially travelers visiting Japan, to spread the word.

Dolphin Base Resort houses all the captive Dolphins and they are held in seapens or concrete pools. Training starts immediately as food is withheld from them until they start to cooperate.

The 2010 -2011 season was witnessed by Activists from Save Japan Dolphins and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Eyes on Taiji and the Black Fish Group. The fishermen went out on a daily basis unless there was bad weather.  The hunts only stopped on their national holidays. By the end of last year's season which was stopped earlier than usual  there were 850 dolphins killed and 171 were sold into captivity. 

Please help us bring a stop to these slaughter watch the documentary: Help  Save the Blood Dolphins.


Letter to
Governor of Wakayama prefecture Mr. Yoshiki Kimura,
Mayor of Taiji Mayor Sangen
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Masahiko Yamada
and 1 other
Dolphin Base Resort


私はイルカドライブと虐殺を停止するには、予想して書いています。世界が太地のイルカの虐殺を知っている、と私はこれらの虐殺をサポートしていないことに注意してください。クジラとイルカウォッチング - - 私はそのエコツーリズムを提案する可能性がある場合は太地の町と人々に役立つことだろう。



イルカとクジラの肉は非常に有毒である - それは重金属の水銀が含まれている、研究は、小学生の子供に食べ物のこのタイプを供給されるべきではないこれとそれを示している。あなた自身の人を毒している。自分の国は、水俣病のいくつかの流行を持っています。