Please help us stop the nuisance caused on Chand Raat, Ladypool road

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As a local resident on Ladypool Road I want your help and support on this ongoing issue,

 Please can you take out a few minutes to sign this petition.

You will be doing your bit by helping out the local residents put a stop to all nuisance that is caused on Chaand Raat in the name of Islam. (This has got nothing to do with religion Nothing!)

We get young boys who come out for this night from different areas with their expensive cars that they hire out especially for this day and show off, they beep and rev their engines non stop, along with drummers, it’s so loud that we can hear our house windows vibrate. 

They block the roads from all ends and cause so much traffic. Makes you think how will the emergency services get here if there was an emergency.

They put on fireworks and play loud music with dancing on the main road. This goes on till daylight. This isn’t half of the trouble we local residents have to put up with in this area.

The men all stand around  in gangs in every corner, it makes it very uncomfortable and unsafe for us the residents to come out especially the women. 

This is getting worse every year, it’s getting worse because  we have no support from the locals shops, restaurant owners/ workers who are open so late. They are half of the problem to this. If they can close early for this night only and stop putting extra stalls outside on the payments. They are creating more problems by blocking the payments for the public to walk on that they have no choice but to walk on the main road.  This is very dangerous especially if there are young children. 

This is a day where families are suppose to get together peacefully indoors and prepare for the next day Eid. A day where they need to wake up early and attend the Eid prayers, but unfortunately due to all this nuisance we are unable to do so. 

We have young children who need to be in bed, we have elderly residents living on their own who get confused and terrified with all the chaos, we have children who need to wake up early for their Exams and want some quiet time to revise. 

If we all work together and faced the problem then this wouldn’t be an ongoing issue!

Please sign and share. 

We all have a duty as local residents to protect each other and make our area save and peaceful by putting a stop to the wrong and continue pushing the good.

Spread Peace and Love ✌️ 

Naz Khan