Help Stop the Florida Legislature’s “Sweep” of Housing Trust Fund Money

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Each year Florida’s legislature finds a new reason to take money from the Sadowski Housing Trust Funds. We want to stop these sweeps of funds and make sure Florida’s State and Local Housing Trust Fund revenue is used for their intended purpose: affordable housing.

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Affordable Housing Is Needed

Having an affordable place to call home is crucial to success for Florida’s families and communities. Studies show that without decent, safe, and affordable housing, students struggle in school, families are more vulnerable to homelessness, and local economies struggle to attract critical talent in healthcare, education, and law enforcement.

Unfortunately, it is a fact that Florida has an affordable housing crisis. 912,967 low-to-moderate-income Florida households — which include hardworking families, seniors, people with disabilities, and potentially YOU — pay more than 50% of their incomes for housing. Not only does this make it exceptionally difficult for these people to thrive, it also inhibits them from contributing to their local economies. In addition, Florida has the third highest homeless population in the nation, with 32,190 people living in homeless shelters and on the streets, including 2,817 veterans and 9,422 people in families with at least one child.

A National Model for Success

Although the affordable housing need in Florida is daunting, our state has a nationally acclaimed program based on a dedicated revenue source with a proven track record for performance, transparency, and accountability: The State and Local Housing Trust Funds, created by the William E. Sadowski Affordable Housing Act. This dedicated revenue funds the best state and local housing programs in the nation: SAIL (State Apartment Incentive Loan) and SHIP (State Housing Initiatives Partnership Program). SHIP and SAIL have not only boosted the state’s economy but have also helped hundreds of thousands of low- and moderate-income families move into affordable homes or renovate their current homes. SHIP and SAIL are Florida’s most important home-grown tools for providing housing for our most vulnerable populations, including elderly households, people with developmental abilities, and homeless individuals and families.

Florida Legislature’s Sweeps of Housing Funding

The Florida Legislature has consistently “swept” billions of tax payer dollars from the Sadowski State and Local Housing Trust Funds. This “sweeping” of tax dollars takes our dedicated revenue for affordable housing and uses it for other purposes, starving Florida’s housing programs and denying Floridians the housing they need and paid for.

This is where we, The Sadowski Coalition and Affiliates, come in. We represent many voices with one message: keep the State and Housing Trust Fund monies for affordable housing. If Florida’s legislature fully appropriates the State and Local Housing Trust Fund monies for housing, the state’s investment will reap considerable rewards. Thousands of very-low income, low-income, and moderate-income Floridians will have access to newly created affordable housing, both rental and homeownership. At the same time, the affordable housing development leveraged by Sadowski programs will create tens of thousands of jobs in every corner of Florida, and also will generate billions of dollars of economic output and labor income annually.

If you agree with our cause sign this petition to show Florida’s legislature that the people of Florida want to not only help those in need of affordable housing, but to help support their local and state economies. And don't stop there - follow the Sadowski Coalition on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to help us spread the message further, and share our content so that the word gets out.