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Help Stop the Assault on Primarily Primates

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Right now Primarily Primates, an animal sanctuary located in Texas and overseen by the organization Friends of Animals, is being sued for the third time.  PETA's first two attempts to shut down this sanctuary were thrown out because of lack of evidence.  This time, PETA literally went door to door in the Primarily Primates neighborhood until they were able to find one solitary man who agreed to be the plaintiff in this case, backed entirely by PETA, which is a 30 million a year organization.  That's right, PETA is using innocent animal lovers donations to attempt to shut down other animal sanctuaries.  At this time it is unclear what the motivation is behind PETA's assault, possibly it is a personal vendetta, greed, or most scarily a movement to shut down all smaller animal sanctuaries.  In this day and age, I believe, the last thing we need is LESS animal sanctuaries, especially ones that take in animals that come from medical labs or the entertainment industry, like Primarily Primates does.  The fact is, PETA is not the sweet little animal loving organization that it proclaims to be. In reality, under the surface, PETA is actually a pretty scary organization indeed.  In 2000, PETA's president Ingrid Newkirk stated that taking care of animals is actually costlier than killing them.  In fact, it is quite known that PETA has a giant walk-in freezer, in which the group uses to store the bodies of its victims, according to a PETA manager who was testifying under oath.  Between 1998 and now PETA has killed over 21,000 defenseless creatures.  Sadly, that explains why, when asked what would happen to the 450 animals, mostly primates, if Primarily Primates was indeed shut down, the reply was that they would likely be euthanized.  Please help me in my goal to stop this viscous attack that has no firm backing at all by signing this petition to convince Carl Hensley, the sole plaintiff in this third attempt by PETA to shut Primarily Primates down, to withdraw himself from this PETA funded lawsuit.  And, if you would like to help even further, please visit my fundraising page on or online at  Any and all support you can give will be GREATLY appreciated.  We, as animal lovers, have to make a stand, if not for our own lives then at least for the animals that cannot defend themselves.  Thank you. 

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