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Stop Public Schools from teaching gay history from grades K-12!

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SB 48 Facts:

Rewrites history books to include the sexual orientation of historical figures.
Mandates sexual orientation in the adoption of social science instructional material.
Inappropriately classifies lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals as a culture group.
Requires unnecessary added costs of reprinting social science textbooks to include the LGBT agenda.
Mandatory for grades K-12 (includes elementary-age children).
Violates parents’ right to consent to school-mandated sexual orientation instruction.
Denies parents’ right to opt their children out of homosexual indoctrination.

How SB 48 Effects Children:

Violates the innocence of 7 million California children.
Promotes gender confusion and may lead to gender experimentation.
Sexualizes social science material unnecessarily.
Normalizes homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism.
Omits known dangers of homosexual lifestyle – especially for men.
Anti-bullying and student safety instruction should not influence children’s sexual attitudes or gender choices.
Will affect public and some charter and alternative schools.

These extremist changes in education are being promoted under the disguise of, “anti-bullying” or, “diversity.” And parents who oppose this sexualizing of their children are branded as bigots. warns, “We can’t ignore this problem any longer. The time has come to say, “Enough! Stop it!” Our schools are being hijacked by radicals who seek to use our children as pawns to affect social change. Teachers are being trained to separate children from their parent’s values. As a result, education is continuing to deteriorate to the point where kids are learning nothing but ‘feelings.’”

An additional major concern is that parents would not be able to exempt their children from this mandatory indoctrination.

On its website, the organization explains how the plan by “homosexual activist” Leno “would require all students in social studies classes to admire ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender’ role models.”

Science classes would be used to teach that same-sex parents are quite common, by teaching about a few animal species where the male takes the responsibility for raising the young. These lessons on penguins and sea horses will somehow prove that a mother and father are no better than two mothers or two fathers.

In geography, children would learn how a neighborhood such as San Francisco’s Castro district transformed from an Irish working class neighborhood into a gay neighborhood. Why homosexuals move from rural areas to cities is another topic.

In language lessons, children would be required to act as homosexuals when they are role-playing to practice vocabulary.

This legislation would also create a social class for homosexuals, transsexuals and bisexuals. They would be regarded as the same as Hispanics, African Americans, Pacific Islanders, Asians, etc.

please call or send a letter to your state Senator (or to all of the California state Senators) and to the Chairmen of the committees reviewing this bill. “It is crucial that we demonstrate that the public is against SB 48 and its attempt to corrupt the minds of our innocent school children.” (A sample letter is below)

Re: SB 48 (Leno)

[For the record, I respectfully request the content of this letter be included in the Legislative Summary Report for SB 48.]

Dear Senator,

I respectfully request that you oppose SB 48, a bill that rewrites history books to include the sexual orientation of historical figures. The author of this bill suggests that mandating pro-homosexual curriculum in K-12 social science textbooks will help reduce bullying and increase school safety. I disagree. We can teach our children to be kind to others without prompting unnecessary classroom discussions about alternative sexual practices.

These discussions would occur without informing the parents of curriculum content or allowing them to opt their children out of these materials. Currently, parents have the right to exempt their children from sex education and family life classes if a moral conflict arises. Why are we infringing upon that right in a social science context?

SB 48 states that nothing in the curriculum, texts and activities may “reflect adversely” upon alternative lifestyles. I am concerned that the accurate information about these lifestyles, including the physical and mental challenges associated with it, will not be included and only one side of the story will be presented. SB 48 may also lead to gender confusion, experimentation and moral conflict among California’s K-12 schoolchildren.

The Legislature must recognize that these types of topics are the domain of the home. Parents want their children taught academics in school- not a social agenda which may be contrary to their morals and beliefs.

SB 48 would incur unnecessary costs on our schools that are already struggling to provide basic classroom materials. This bill would require schools across the state to purchase new materials to reflect the agenda of a small minority of individuals. It also runs contrary to California Education Code which reserves the right to determine the content of instructional material to the local governing authority.

In California, we want students to be respectful without resorting to hateful speech and name-calling of those with whom they may disagree. However, presenting history in an accurate manner is important. Bringing up the topic of sexual orientation in California’s social science classrooms is unwarranted and unnecessary for an effective learning environment.

Please oppose this unnecessary bill, protect our children, and respect parental rights. I look forward to hearing how you intend to vote.

Very truly yours,

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