Help stop plastic production by producing weighed goods in supermarkets!

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Have you clicked on those YouTube videos eagerly that say- “we discovered a new planet” only to see the great pacific garbage patch? If not, I bet even the sound of that sounds bad. Either way plastic is ruing the lives of plants, animals and ourselves.

Recently Coles and Woolworths both announced that they would ban one type of plastic bags. That was a good change but it was not enough! Once when I was visiting some European countries i noticed a big difference in their supermarkets- they had containers filled with all of their lollies and chocolate and cookies much like our nuts are contained. You picked out however much you want with a shovel and put it in a paper bag. Then they take it to the counter and they weigh it ( the price is determined by how much you put in). I was amazed and I want something similar to this to happen in Australia and all other countries. This will help because plastic is not being wasted by packaging and companies will change their packaging to bags of their products!

If this works just as how I envisioned it then you will not only be able to choose how much food you want but we will save the environment!

Please sign this petition to save the world!!

Edit- thank you so much to everyone who has signed this petition, i haven't checked it in a while and I was really surprised to see that it had grown by over 1000 petition signers. Anyway an idea for the products that are available to bulk buy ( and fruit and veggies)- is to use cotton bags which work the same as the plastic ones except they are reusable and 100% compostable at the end of their lifetime!