Help stop overdevelopment of the Historic Shinnecock Canal

Help stop overdevelopment of the Historic Shinnecock Canal

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Hope Sandrow started this petition to Principal Planner Janice Scherer (Principal Planner) and

Help Stop the Overdevelopment of the Historic Shinnecock Canal: preserve water quality and wetlands. Represent our community's heritage and aspirations for the future at the gateway to the east end.

Your help is urgently needed! The Town of Southampton Council wants to vote in the next few weeks on this disturbing application for rezoning to enable development not compliant with existing policy and public mandates for maintaining public access; water quality; historic preservation and environmental conservation.  

A zoning change has been proposed by a developer in order to site a private unprecedented high density 37 unit residential development along the eastern shore of the historic Shinnecock Canal with it's wastewater system sited on a property across the road as well as rehabilitation of the Canoe Place Inn.    

This development will directly affect the watershed for the Shinnecock Canal and eastern Shinnecock Bay, on the South Shore Estuary Reserve (SSER) Watershed. The Canal is also located within the Peconic Estuary Critical Environmental Area, which mandates setbacks of 75-100 ft from the water's edge, wetlands, and 500 ft from the Peconic. 

 A Zoning Review states that "A wetlands permit issued by the Planning Board during the site plan process will be required for any construction within 200 ft of the verified wetland boundary." The applicant is proposing to construct residential units, a swimming pool with deck, and noise attenuation  walls …Some of these structures are proposed zero feet (recently amended to 25 feet) from the wetland boundary where 100 feet is required by Section 325-7B(9) of the Town Code. Furthermore the applicant is seeking to grade and landscape less than five feet (recently amended to 25 ft) where 75 feet is required by the aforementioned Town Code”.- Copied from the original Conservation Board July 24, 2013:  

The developer has not submitted a landscape maintenance plan which is critical to the health of the wetlands along the Canal as well as the water quality because his proposed waste system will only remove pollutants and nitrates in pipes from the residential development - not from the ground level as he's not proposing to install a barrier to prevent runoff.  

This Land along the Canal is not zoned for residential use.  

Land that has historically been publicly accessible for fishing, boat slips, walking and general recreational use called for in the Town Comprehensive Plan (1999) as well as the upcoming Water Protection Plan (2014-15) to create a maritime center for the public. This is not only the Public's  consensus, it's also that of Town Planners for the historically recognized Shinnecock Canal  - the Gateway to the Hamptons - to represent the cultural and social history of the east end.   

Your signing this petition will help prevent the Developer from using the rehabilitation of an Inn to gather support for a project in which the trade off to overdevelop the historic Shinnecock Canal at the narrowest point of Long Island - is not clearly revealed:  

Please help stop or constrain this over development - that does not include mandated benefits to the public - before our land and water quality is ruined! Sign the petition and we will make sure that Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst and the members of the Town Council and Land Management receive it.  

Thank you for your consideration!

For more information: copied from documents posted online Southampton Town website;

Proposed construction of subject properties: 

Canoe Place Inn Parcel: clearing the land of overgrown native vegetation and flora; rehabilitation of existing catering hall (350 seats); hotel (20 rooms); bar (20 seats); restaurant (70 seats); outdoor dining (120 seats) and five cottages plus parking; swimming pool and other outdoor amenities

Eastern side of Shinnecock Canal: demolition of 20 public boat slips and 4 existing buildings for the construction of “Boathouses on Shinnecock” consisting of 7 townhouse buildings (37 - 3 story 3-bedroom units) and 1800 sq ft clubhouse; and 17 slip marina with only private access. This scenic view blocked and marred by this massive development ONLY if the zoning change is approved.    East of the Canal on North Road the property will consist of a waste water treatment plant with a maintenance and lab building

County land and roadway improvements proposed by Developer:
a veteran police officer told me these changes to the roadway are dangerous and would require the addition of traffic lights at each point.   Information gleaned from: - the original Conservation Board Report July 24, 2013: - Article XXVI of the Code of the Town of Southampton;  - Canal & Eastern Properties MPDD: SHINNECOCK CANAL STUDY RECOMMENDED PLAN Source: Shinnecock Canal Public Access and Marine NORTH Planned Development District,1997 Draft EIS Scale: 1" = 500’ - Draft Plan of Water Protection Plan Southampton Town, Dec 2014 : the plans for Shinnecock Canal stated in part 1, beginning page p. 121 and part 2, beginning page 188 - adhere to those shown on the map for the Town Comprehensive Plan. Below are th slinks to viewing the document online: - Rechler Final Environmental Impact Study:




0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!