Help stop 18 families from losing their homes in Camberwell

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Help stop 18 families from losing their homes in Camberwell to make way for 48 luxury apartments to be built

Boroondara Town Planning Application PP 20/0506

Enough is enough!

At the same time as the social housing crisis in Melbourne and the State Government is going to spend $5 billion to build social housing, Boroondara Council seems likely to allow the demolition of these affordable rental 1950s flats designed by notable architects and set in lush treed gardens.

All in this in the quest of creating a huge development, in a quiet narrow residential side street, of 48 luxury apartment in order to make huge profits for developers with overseas connections.

It’s time for local people to have a voice in what is happening in our suburbs and for Councils and the State Planning Department to work together to make sensible decisions about what is in the best interest of the community, not the developers.

There are so many issues to this application:

- The proposed density and visual bulk is clearly over development

-Drainage on the site, which includes a flood plain is of major concern

-Impact on the Hassett Estate, which has a a highly valued Heritage overlay

-Loss of significant trees including a stunning 12m high 70 year old Peppercorn tree, deemed by the Developer’s own arborist, as being of high rating.

-Traffic issues with the proposed accommodation for 94 cars on the site, turning into a residential street, opposite a strip shopping carpark driveway- creating appalling congestion ands safety issues.


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