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Help Start to stop child abuse


I have been doing a lot of research and have been looking for away to help end child abuse and there is site after site saying help end child abuse stand up and stop abuse and that is great except there is no real plan or action on how to do So.The thing we have tried In the past are not working because there is a new case of child abuce every 30sec. And as time goes on with out doing anything the crimes against children are getting violenter and violenter and it's sicking what these innocent children are being put through they are hurt torchered and scared for years.

85% of child abuse cases are against toddlers 0-5 do you know why this is? I think I do I have an idea I trully believe it's because these children are not out in the public there not in school and there  abuser don't have to take them out if there is marks on them so there is no one around except there abusers so there no one to alert the authority's to check out the marks or to help these poor children so this is why I believe myidea willtruly help lower  the percent of cases 

If all parents were made to take there children to the dr.s for well check ups for random well check ups the signs of abuse will be present and there for stopped  earlier.if the state set up the appointments for every six months if a parent cancels or don't show up cps will go check out the kid right away and the parents fined.

And then I also want the cps standers changed I believe that a lot of cases are closed stroe airily with out the case being investigated enough.i feel befor an abuse case can be closed by and employee it needs to be forwarded to a supervisor to be checked over that way cps has someone accountable If the make mistakes I do know that  this will not stop all cases of child abuse but it will be lower the number of child abuse cases it shouldn't hurt to be a child. I am a mother and if alittle bit of my time will save a child from years of pain it's worth it to me .we need to stand together and truly help the ones who need us most .we are so concerned about rights of adults well what about the rights of the ones who truly matter we need to stand and speak for the ones who can do it on there own.

This van happen and can be set up to work and be effective but I need your support first befor anything can be done please start to stop child abuse with me.

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