Save Uganda Health Marketing Group #SaveUHMG

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We the undersigned; staff, former staff, alumni, beneficiaries, stakeholders and well-wishers of Uganda Health Marketing Group (UHMG), request the Annual General Meeting (AGM) members to convene an extra-ordinary general meeting with us to have a common understanding of UHMG’s current situation and way forward.

UHMG is a young and vibrant organization that had earned a lot of trust in the health sector and was touching millions of Ugandans with quality and affordable health care services and products. It designed and implemented groundbreaking Social Behavior Change Communication Campaigns like “Get Off the Sexual Network” and The Good Life Campaign. UHMG also provided health products like Protector and "O" Condoms, Pilplan plus, Aquasafe which have and continue to contribute to behavioral change and adoption of positive health practices in Uganda.

Due to its innovative and robust supply chain system, Ministry of Health in 2011 selected UHMG to distribute subsidized modern contraceptive commodities to drug shops, pharmacies and private clinics countrywide and thereby increase access to family planning services. In 2016, through the Alternative Distribution Strategy (ADS), free male condoms were accessible in the remotest public and private health facilities countrywide. Between January 2012 and December 2014, more than 4 million people were protected from unplanned pregnancies thanks to ADS. Unfortunately, following USAID’s closure of multiple projects in UHMG, the Ministry of Health also stopped the ADS. Now, millions of Ugandans are at risk of diseases and conditions associated with shortage of these critical life commodities. This gap was aptly highlighted in The Daily Monitor newspaper article of 15th July 2018.

On 12th June 2018, UHMG lost three key projects worth about 30m US Dollars and consequently over 100 employees lost their jobs and livelihoods. Three months later, many ex-staff are still unable to get gainful employment elsewhere as they are being shunned by other organizations. Organizations that in the past, partnered with UHMG are now equally reluctant to work with it on bids for upcoming donor-funded projects. To exacerbate their plight, by September 30th 2018, UHMG had not made NSSF staff remittances for April to June 2018. This caused financial loss to the ex-employees who were not able to benefit from the declared 15% NSSF interest rate.

Despite the grave problems highlighted above, UHMG’s current senior level management that is responsible for most of these incidents has refused to own up to them and step down. We therefore, demand that the current leadership steps aside to allow the founder members take a deeper look into the crisis and pave a way forward so as to put UHMG back on track.

So, it is off these grounds that we, the undersigned call on the Annual General Meeting and all Founder Members, appealing to their love for this local organization which they all have shaped in one way or the other, to honor the following requests;

1.       Convene an extra-ordinary meeting with us within 72 hours upon receipt of this petition to discuss issues raised herein;

2.       Institute an internal investigation to gain a deeper understanding of activities and actions of management that led to unexplainable outcomes of from the project closures; and

3.       Terminate the services of the current Senior Level Management led by the Managing Director Mrs. Joyce Namirimo Tamale for poor leadership and failure to steer UHMG into a sustainable organization.