Help Save Wood Technology Center!!!

Help Save Wood Technology Center!!!

June 2, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Chantal Uto

Dear Friends of Wood Technology Center,

As you may know, Wood Technology Center (WTC) was recently slated for closure. This has been postponed, but the school is still facing the same existential crisis. For years the school has been facing budget cuts but has somehow always managed to scrape by on resourcefulness, creativity, and the support of our industry and community. This is no longer enough to keep things running. We need the state to step in with more funding and to hold the Seattle Central leadership accountable for the continuation of WTC. We already lost the cabinet making program, let's not lose anymore!

Immediately on the chopping block is Core, the introductory course that is fundamental to each of the programs; carpentry, boat building, and formerly cabinet making. Anyone who has been a student at the school knows how vital this course is to safety and accessibility. It allows anyone, of any background to come into the programs with knowledge and confidence of the tools of the trade. For whatever reason, the powers that be do not see the value in this, so we need to tell them. 

Please Sign this petition and consider writing to the Seattle Central Board of Trustees and our state legislators. If you are an alumni, please write about how the school has impacted your life. If you are an industry supporter please write about how vital the school is to the local and regional trades. If you are a community supporter please write about how WTC benefits your community. Thank you for your support! Let's keep WTC alive and building!!!

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Sample Letter

Dear _______ 

I am deeply concerned with the fate of the Wood Technology Center of Seattle Central Community College. The school is vital to training skilled woodworkers for the region. With the current building boom and the growth of the city there is a shortage of skilled trades people. The programs at WTC fill this gap and produce amazing woodworkers, entrepreneurs and artists in a diverse and welcoming setting. 

The local industry is overwhelmingly supportive of the school. Under no circumstances should WTC be allowed to be shuttered or stripped down. Seattle Central’s budgetary issues must be resolved without cutting essential, in-demand vocational programs. I urge you to take action and prevent Wood Technology Center from closure. 



_____________(your name)


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Signatures: 534Next Goal: 1,000
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