Help Save This Family From Foreclosure July 2, 2012

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Help Save This Family From Foreclosure July 2, 2012

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Dawn O'Neal started this petition to U S Treasury Department Head of Escalations and

Basically here is the story – I do have a  full communication log on this with names, dates and results but I have tried to summarize it here:

This story began March, 2011 and after 1 1/2 years of trying to help these kids seller their home, we are now getting a rejection which will throw them into foreclosure -

On 6/18/12 Ocwen sent 2 faxes rejecting the short sale approval because

1.      “short sale request paperwork was received too close to the foreclosure date” &

2.      2nd fax stating “amount to be paid to the 2nd exceeded” their approved amount.

Re #1- We have had paperwork before Litton–who sold to Ocwen-for a year & a half now

Re #2- The 2nd wants $8,225.00& Ocwen agrees to pay only $6,000.00.  We have been going back & forth for months attempting to get them to allow the buyer to pay the difference.  Every time we do what they have asked, another new request is sent.  Most of the time everything has been sent already but we have sent it again.  Then the Ocwen representative would set up another call a week later.

My negotiator has been working with Litton/Ocwen &  2nd lender which is eTrade. 

Here are some details -

•       Sellers have moved out of the home but there are now HOA liens – the buyers also have agreed to pay a portion of that lien – up to $5,000 total for liens and the balance on the 2nd, but every month these fees keep going up.

•       We have ratified 8 different offers with 8 different buyers since March 2011, 1.5 years, and all but this last one has fallen out for various reasons but mainly because buyer’s got tired of waiting without any hope in sight.

•       Foreclosure is set for 7/2/12

•       The seller’s wife is very ill with leukemia; she just went through a bone marrow transplant - the husband is not working at this time to support his wife through this, and their medical bills are mounting.

•       They have a 3 year old son – this whole thing has been very hard on all of them – thankfully they have family here to help them or I am not sure what they would have done. 

I REALLY NEED SOME HELP FOR THESE KIDS.  We just want the bank to accept the short sale and let them move on with their lives.!



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This petition had 55 supporters