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 The populations has dropped severly in the last 50 years. In 1960 there was over 100,000 lions living Africa and now only less than 36,000 lions are left. Many of the lions have lost thier habitat to humans.also lions are being killed by poachers and trophy hunters. This is horrible and it needs to stop. Not only are lions beautiful creatures, they are a good part the the African ecosystem. If they lions died off there would be a large problem of the population of impala and other animals that are the lions prey.

When I grow up I wish to study the lions that live in Kenya and most of Africa. I am worried that by the time I am able to study the lions there won't be any lions left for me to study. I hope that the beautiful creatures will be there for me and the generations after me to see. Please help me and stop the killing of lions.

Letter to
Ambassodor in the UN for Kenya Macharia KAMAU
Minister for Forestry and Wildlife for Kenya Noah WEKESA
president of Kenya Mwai KIBAKI
and 1 other
member of Kenya's parliament William Ole NTIMAMA
Help save the majestic African lions. Please help to save the beautiful creatures called lions. They are very important and need your help

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