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An Urgent Message from Ric O’Barry:

"I need your help.  Some officials in the Indonesian government are planning to bypass our efforts to help captive dolphins and destroy a rehab program for as many as 50 dolphins now held illegally in Indonesian aquariums.  These few government agents plans to dump captive dolphins directly in the ocean, which may well kill or harm them, without any rehabilitation.

Earth Island Institute and our friends the Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) signed a Memorandum of Understanding in October 2010 with the Indonesian Forestry Department to rehabilitate and release dolphins from a new center and sea pen built in Java’s Karimunjawa National Park, Indonesia.  The intent was to free dolphins that have been illegally captured and exploited by the aquarium industry.  Once the dolphins are coached to feed themselves on live fish, they can be released into the waters of the Park, from which they were likely poached.

But our efforts are being betrayed due to the influence of the dolphin capture industry in Indonesia.  Some government officials are now ignoring our MOU and plan to allow these aquariums to literally dump the dolphins back into the ocean without rehabbing them.  Furthermore, they plan to release only 3 out of dozens of dolphins kept illegally, just for the show of it."


Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia

Tel (202) 775 5200

Fax (202) 775 5365

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