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The Jimna Forest Action Group Inc. (JFAGI), has sent a letter to the Minister for
Agriculture and Fisheries Bill Byrne MP, and all known Queensland Government
Advisors, ministers, and prospective candidates, who have an interest in this matter,
or may be consulted, before the final decision on the future of the tower is signed
off by Minister Bill Byrne MP in coming weeks. The letter reads as follows.
                               “ Please be advised that the Jimna Forest action Group Inc.
(JFAGI) is currently undertaking public awareness initiatives in support of the
restoration of the Heritage Listed Jimna Fire Tower (JFT) for public use. In
December 2016, after meetings with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
(DAF), and Wood Research and Development (WRD), JFAGI made it’s submission
to the Queensland Government, in favour of the restoration of the JFT for public
use, at a cost of $805,254-00.
                            As the above process did not include gauging the level of
public support for the JFT, JFAGI feels that, to make an informed decision, the
various decision makers should be made aware of the public support factor.
Given the limited time frame now available, JFAGI can only engage social media,
and has planned a “Rally to save our Aussie Heritage day” to be held at Jimna
- date to be confirmed.
                           As you are aware, the future of the JFT is now or soon will be,
decided upon by yourself and your departmental advisors. JFAGI cordially asks
in a spirit of co-operation, that a decision on the future of this Australian icon, be
delayed until mid 2017, so that at least some measure of public support can be
known. JFAGI and it’s supporters will be campaigning for“bipartisan support”
for the restoration for public use ofthe heritage listed Jimna Fire Tower from all
levels of Government”.
There are several ways the public can help save this Aussie Icon:-
1…Post a photo, make a comment, register likes on social media.
2…Join the Jimna Forest Action Group Inc. campaign, fill out a membership form online
at make a donation and/or   
3…Register your support online via social media…. change.orglink.
The bottom line is, the Jimna Fire Tower can be restored with a reconfigured
staircase to meet Australian building standards, for public use, with the potential
to attract a self funding income, for a cost of $805,254-00. The alternative is to
demolish it and retain the cabin for a cost of $206,780-00. A differential of
$598.474-00. What price do we put on our Australian Heritage?

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