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Back in 2000 the Harrietville youth rallied together to design and build a world-class skate ramp that was renowned as one of the best spine ramps in Australia. A few years later, due to the availability of surfacing materials at the time and the harsh elements, the ramp deteriorated and we could not secure the funding to resurface it. As a result the ramp was moved to, and enjoyed at Falls Creek for 13 years. 20 years on, this same ramp has been donated back to the Harrietville community and has gained approval to be resurrected at its original location.

We have the ramp structure and the location, materials that withstand the elements and dampen the noise are now available. To make this dream a reality, the Harrietville Boardriders are seeking shire grant money. This essential funding will ensure the ramp is relocated, repaired and surfaced for longevity, so it can be enjoyed by locals and visitors for many years to come.

Our community needs this. There is currently no skate facilities in Harrietville, the kids come together to skate on a patch of concrete at the school. The same situation that plagued the youth 20 years ago and inspired them to build this world-class ramp that put Harrietville on the skating boarding map. This ramp once was, and will again be, a place of gathering, a creative outlet and an active past time for our community and the many visitors to our valley.

Whether your a local, someone who enjoys holidays in Harrietville, or someone who will travel to Harrietville to skate an epic ramp, please sign this petition to show the shire this project has the support of, and will be enjoyed by many.

In addition to signing we would be grateful if you could also share it any way you can, the more support we have the greater our chances of making this happen. 

Thanks heaps

Harrietville Boardriders.