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Help Save the Goats!

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Purina goat chow can be toxic to male goats! The label states "complete nutrition for all goats" and that is a lie! Purina has decided to leave an important ingredient out of its chow, ammonia chloride.  Without the ammonia chloride, Purina Goat Chow can cause male goats, in particular,  to have urinary stones blocking the passage of urine, causing serious illness, and, very quickly, death. Something similar to kidney stones in men, except the goats bladder explodes, causing a very painful death.  Other, less expensive, brands of goat food include ammonia chloride, why not Purina? The Purina company is aware that they are selling a product that can be harmful to goats, yet they do nothing. How do I know they know?  Their customer service alerted me to the fact, after my goats were in the hospital.  After 11 days in treatment, surgery was the final resort. Beautiful Kono died, Willi is recovering. PLEASE help force a change to protect these gentle, loving animals!

Also, be aware that there is  current litagation against Purina dog jerky treats! They have caused the deaths of hundreds of dogs. They are made in China and irradated. These treats can be toxic!

Is there a better reason to boycott Purina than the fact that they are killing our pets???

We are looking for kind hearted, animal loving, human critters to spread the word thru their circle of social media. Won't you help?? Kono and Willi will love you so much!!

If your goat died, or suffered from ulinary calculi while on Purina Goat Chow, please tell me your story at! strength in numbers!


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