Help Save the CHSS Greenhouse in Madoc, ON

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As some of you may know, the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board is planning on closing the Greenhouse at Centre Hastings Secondary School. This greenhouse has served our community for many years and has had a significant impact on the high school experience for students, especially those with special needs or in programs which require more support. It builds relationships and connections between the special needs programs and the community. I have been lucky enough to spend time with some of these students and they have always shown immense pride in their work at the Greenhouse, and gain important lessons like the value of hard work and confidence in their abilities.

I recently became aware of the school board’s plan to close the Greenhouse. This would be a loss to all of us, with the biggest effect being felt more by vulnerable students at the school. I am also concerned with how this decision has been made; there has been a lack of transparency to the community and we have not been given the opportunity to voice our opinions. The school board does not believe the Greenhouse was being used; however there was a successful plant sale last year and the students helped put together the hanging plants and planter boxes for the town. 

I have attended the Greenhouse’s annual plant sale several times, and it is always a busy event with support from people across the community. Now the Greenhouse needs your support more than ever! We need to come together as a community and protect something that has made a big difference to our youth! If we do not take a stand now, it will be gone. Please sign this petition to let the directors of the school board and the administration at CHSS know that the Greenhouse is important and valued.