Help Save Rocket

Help Save Rocket

May 13, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jose Luna

As a member of Border Collie Rocks on Facebook, I discovered a post yesterday that truly hit home. It is a story or Rocket, who we believed to be a Border Collie and is being held in an isolation kennel hidden from the general public. If Rocket is not rescued by 5/18/22, he will be euthanized. We are looking to save this poor soul and help bring him to a rescue organization. We are actively working with a few rescue organizations and the shelter to find a place that can rescue Rocket and rehabilitate him to be later placed in a warm, loving home.
We ask for your help in donating any amount possible and saving Rocket from being put down on the 19th of this month. All contributions will go towards travel and medical expenses. Any unused portions will either be donated to the rescue organization that rescues Rocket or used to fund another rescue of a similar situation.

Today I discovered he is in fact a Siberian Husky Mix but this does not change the fact that i want to do everything I can to save him.  It appears Rocket was placed in the local shelter in San Bernadino because of the following reasons:

A545922 (Rocket) was lunging in field, chasing and barking at anyone walking by. growling, acting offensively aggressive. He is currently on our Deadline List due to behavior for 5/18/22. Deadline means he will be put down. 

Link to Rockets Image and Listing in San Bernardino

Unfortunately they will only release rocket to a rescue group and will not make him available to the public because of his behavior. Just from looking of the image inside the shelter, it appears Rocket is scared and confused and may have been this way from where he was found. It appears by Rockets posture, he may not have come from a loving environment and may have been doomed from the beginning. 

The reason for this petition is to help rescue facilities know that we want Rocket saved and also to demand that the shelter offer additional time before Rocket is put down. 

A Go Fund Me Page has also been setup for Rocket to help the rescue organization who offers to help cover any travel and medical expenses. A minimum of $5.00 is required for any donation and we ask that you please consider helping Rocket Today. 

Rockets Go Fund Me Page - Please Donate Today

Please also consider reaching out to Kris Watson at the shelter and ask for more time to save Rocket.

San Bernardino California Animal Services
333 Chandler Place San Bernardino, CA 92408  T. 909-384-1304

Kris Watson
Director of Animal Services

P: (909) 384-1304 Ext. 1515

City of San Bernardino California Animal Shelter

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Signatures: 252Next Goal: 500
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