We have lost the appeal at Supreme Court, but Punky's life can still be saved!!

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Sadly, we have lost our appeal to the Supreme Court, but Punky could still be sent to a Behavioural Modification Program.  Please sign to save his life.  He is still young and he is a very flexible learner.  Give him a chance please!!


Punky is my beloved four year old Australian Cattle dog.

He has an order to be destroyed on August 23, 2019, after biting a woman below the knee, in an off-leash dog park in 2017.   No stitches were applied.  

Some provinces in Canada use the Dr. Ian Dunbar's Dog Bite Scale, to assess the severity of biting problems based on an objective evaluation of wound pathology.  This was not used in my case.

Punky was only two and a half when he was taken from me.  I have been fighting for the last two years, hoping he will be released back into my care.  I will absolutely follow any conditions imposed.  I had no legal council at my original hearing, on which all subsequent hearings were based, and so there was an imbalance of legal representation.  I am asking for another chance.   Tomorrow my counsel will be asking for a Stay of execution.

This case has garnered National media attention, with people around the world concerned about Punky, as well as "dangerous" dog legislation. 

I am very sorry for any harm caused, and certainly did not intend for it to happen.  The whole ordeal has been a nightmare for both of us.

I am only allowed to visit him for half an hour once a week.  It is heartbreaking while  I can only reach one arm through the chain link fence to touch him.  He is in solitary confinement and not allowed to play with other dogs, although he was very good with all dogs.  It is a very stressful environment with loud barking and crying of some of the other dogs.  

For the last two years I have been participating in dog training classes, practicing with the trainer's dogs for three hours per week.  I have immersed myself with books by animal behaviourists such as Patricia McConnell, Janis Bradley, and Stanley Coren.  I have also educated myself with many training videos by dog trainers and behaviourists.  I am confident that I now have the tools to prevent any further incident from happening in the future.  I have the tools to train him techniques such as bite inhibition, counter conditioning, desensitization, etc. 

Punky is a very affectionate, intelligent and loving dog and has brought much joy to my life.  He deserves another chance.  I miss him dearly.  He is my family.  I have learned he is a shy and reactive dog not a "bad" dog.  

Please sign the petition to keep him alive. 

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