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Polar bears are some of the hardiest creatures on the face of the planet… and they could disappear within our lifetimes.

Climate change and habitat loss are threatening to send these Arctic survivors to the brink of extinction in America, yet plans persist for destructive oil and gas drilling in vital polar bear habitat.

Help save polar bears and their homes. Urge President Obama to protect essential polar bear habitat in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and in the Chukchi Sea off Alaska’s coasts. Unless we act now, America’s wild polar bears could disappear forever.

Letter to
President of the United States
As someone who cares about protecting our wildlife for future generations, I strongly urge you to do everything in your power to protect America's remaining polar bears.

Scientists say that climate change and habitat loss could force these mighty Arctic survivors to extinction in the wild within our lifetimes.

Already, we are seeing the sad fate that awaits America's polar bears. Sea ice -- which these sea bears need to hunt and survive -- is melting, causing polar bears to swim ever further distances to find the food they need to survive.

Yet some in Congress are pushing for destructive oil and gas drilling in key polar bear habitat. The noise and disruptions caused by drilling in the Arctic Refuge -- the most important onshore denning habitat for these beloved bears -- could cause polar bear mothers to abandon their cubs to die. And offshore drilling in the Chukchi Sea -- another important habitat for polar bears -- risks a cataclysmic oil spill from which these bears may be unable to recover.

For these reasons, I urge you to protect crucial polar bear habitat by opposing any new drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge or in the Chukchi Sea.
I want my children and grandchildren to know a world where America's polar bears live free in the wild... and I hope you'll provide the leadership needed to make that a reality by protecting the homes of these amazing sea bears. Thank you for considering my comments.

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