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Councilman Krekorian Postpones (Kills) the HCM Status Recommendation

marti upson
Ventura, CA

Mar 2, 2012 — Earlier this week, the owner of Henry's Tacos was present at the LA City Council meeting with other supporters waiting for the council to hear and consider the Cultural Heritage Commission recommendation that Henry's Tacos be approved for Historic Cultural Monument status. The meeting had been cancelled before and this was to be the day they made their decision to move forward. However, after sitting and waiting in the meeting room for four hours, Henry's owner was told that the council would NOT be considering the report per Councilman Krekorian. This means that in all likelihood the HCM recommendation will die and have to be reapplied for in the future.

It has been reported that Krekorian has been in communication with the landlord, yet he continues to IGNORE Janis Hood (Henry's Tacos owner) , her representatives, the thousands of petition signers, constituents, and other supporters who have contacted his office. It's politics as usual. $$$
Do NOT re-elect Krekorian.


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