Help Save Hilton

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We, the undersigned, petition the State of Georgia Department of Community Affairs to award NO tax credits to TBG Residential, an applicant for the Housing Tax Credit Program (LIHTC) financing for purposes of developing a proposed apartment complex at 2551 Wynnton Road in Columbus, Georgia. 

The proposed development will purportedly consist of 84 multi-family home units on the property bordered by Wynnton Road, Hilton Avenue and 15th Street. This planned number of units on this particular parcel will result in a high-density development that fails to take into account the existing character of the adjacent neighborhoods. This parcel of land is afforded landmark status and is protected by the National Register of Historic Places, having been the site of the Italian style villa known as "Hilton" for well over a century.

The proposed addition of the 84 unit complex with the supporting buildings such as a clubhouse, playground, and swimming pools, on this 5.7 acre parcel of land will almost certainly result in the complete destruction of the ecology and wildlife that presently thrives there. In an ever-growing world of development, this natural barrier serves as a buffer between the busy Wynnton Road and the homes on the surrounding streets. The development will inevitably lead to increased traffic on the surrounding roads, some of which are presently filled with vehicles at all hours of the day.

Further, TBG Residential, has conducted itself in a manner that has raised concerns throughout our City. In the initial stages of this process, the developer approached a local community organization, Midtown, Inc., in an effort to secure its support for the development. In the meeting, both Midtown, Inc., and members of Columbus City Council, encouraged TBG to meet with citizens of the community to gather feedback on the development. Representatives of TBG indicated they would do so. However, to date, TBG has made no attempts to engage with the community in which it seeks to build. Though Columbus has seen many successful housing developments built throughout its history, those developments achieved success by utilizing the collaboration and cooperation of the community and developers. However, to date, that cooperation, collaboration and transparency appears to have been absent with respect to this development.

As a concerned community, we sincerely implore you to consider the aforementioned points in opposition to this development. As citizens of Columbus, we are proud of our city and its continued progress in creating diverse and thriving neighborhoods. It is our hope that this property may one day be utilized and developed to the betterment of all Columbus citizens.