Help save Derbyshire green spaces from Freeport destruction!

Help save Derbyshire green spaces from Freeport destruction!

6 April 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Rhia Fearn

On the 3rd March 2021, as part of the Levelling-up Agenda the UK Government announced its intentions to forge ahead with 8 Freeport Zones in the UK.

Freeport zones are huge commercial areas that allow manufacturers and distributors to operate free from UK tax and tariff responsibilities. They benefit from a raft of financial reductions such as;

-          No Stamp duty land tax

-          No national insurance payments for their employees

-          No business rate tax

-          Low import and export duties

Great for businesses, but what about the general public;


In Etwall alone, just 1 of the 3 sites which will make up the East Midlands Freeport will destroy 5.2 million square foot of green space. Currently used by walkers, ramblers, cyclists, horse riders, wildlife enthusiasts, runners and families alike this area will be concreted over to make way for a tax haven for companies like Toyota and Severn Trent.


The areas will operate 24/7 adding a huge increase to noise, light and air pollution as well as increasing traffic on the surrounding roads, increasing cargo planes and rail freight. They will obliterate wildlife habitats and eco systems, bringing with them a continuous wave of commercial and residential development to support their future endeavours.


In total the 8 Freeports will see thousands of acres of green space obliterated and cost the tax payers billions of pounds.


Freeports have been tried before under a conservative Government and failed. They were decommissioned in 2012. Sign this petition and show the Government that we, the public are not willing to hand over billions of pounds and thousands of acres of our life sustaining green spaces for rich business to profit and continue to negate their environmental and social responsibilities.


This is not the legacy we want to leave for future generations. This is not the direction we should be travelling in. This is not progress. 


Sign this petition to show local and national Government that you do not support the sacrificing of our life sustaining green spaces for the financial gain of big business. 



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Signatures: 230Next Goal: 500
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