Confirmed victory

Pedro Gutierrez is a young man with dwindling options. Although recently granted a 30-day reprieve, Pedro still faces the ugly prospect of being deported from a country he loves and wishes desperately to serve as a Marine, to a country he has never known.

Pedro's story is rife with tragedy. A son of two alcohol and drug abusing parents, he was raised by a grandmother who chose to bring him to the United States as a young boy. At 16, his beloved grandmother died, leaving him orphaned. Thankfully, he found a home with friends and has since found a way to succeed where others in his situation might have given up. He finished school, earning a high school diploma. His big dream was to join the Marine Corps and serve his country honorably. He talked to a few recruiters, who made sure to tell him he is a perfect recruit. Except for the fact that Pedro is an undocumented immigrant.

The DREAM act was supposed to change all that. Had the legislation passed in Congress, Pedro would have had the opportunity to attain citizenship once he completed at least two years in the armed forces. But lawmakers in Washington have denied him that chance.

Pedro's situation is only becoming more grave. Pedro was stopped in 2009 for a traffic violation, an incident which sparked an inquiry by immigration officials and subsequent deportation proceedings. Now, all of his hard work in the face of such seemingly insurmountable odds might just go to waste. In a self-narrated video of his struggles so far, Pedro says he "wants to live the American Dream. I love this country. If I go back I can't imagine life anywhere else but here." He adds, "This is it. I have nowhere else to go."

Photo credit: DVIDSHUB

Letter to
Head of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano
I.C.E. Director John Morton
Senator John McCain
and 1 other
Senator Jeff Flake
Pedro Gutierrez just wants to stay home and go on to serve his country as a member of the U.S. Marine Corps. Unfortunately, our government is now in the process of making sure his dreams are never realized.

Pedro was brought to the United States as a boy. He did not choose to break any immigration laws during his journey to this country. After being abandoned by his parents, he lost his grandmother, the one person who took the responsibility to raise him. Life has not been easy on Pedro, but he has tried his best to face long odds with hard work and perspiration.

If Pedro is deported, much of the hard work this young man has dedicated to being an upright citizen will potentially be for naught. Please take action to keep Pedro in the United States. Grant him an opportunity to gain citizenship to the only country he has ever known, a country he wants nothing more than to serve in uniform.