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Help Reverse Deportation Order on Ramon Cordoba and Maria Isabel Viveros

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Before I begin to say why this is an important issue that deserves your signature, I want to say that in no way am I looking for a political fight in regards to this issue. My views dealing with Immigration are quite scrambled; I don't know what's right or wrong on this dicey battlefield of morals.

But I know that people like my parents and I don't deserve this.

Let me start by asking you, the readers, to look at your children--because I know plenty of you have your own sons and daughters; maybe they're young little ones just starting their journey in life and you don't know what the next day has in store for them, but one step at a time. Or maybe they're my age, still trying to decipher how this world works and you're standing there in the background, both nervous and proud.

If they were to find a pitfall in their life, you'd probably rush to their side and try to help. Or let them figure it out on their own, having the experience be their reward. And advise them, after their harrowing adventure, to use hindsight before trying anything rash. I can assure you, at the age of 19, I have found many of them along my way to an independent living in this country. But I don't live in a plush dorm in a nice university. I don't have a real place to call home. I don't have a cushion to fall on if I make a terrible mistake.

At 19, being a U.S citizen--born and raised--I currently work an hourly job and share a home with three other people. At this time I'm on medical leave due to mental issues garnered from my parents' deportation. I have been recently diagnosed with PTSD and OCD--I have nightmares that one day I will wake up to the news that my parents are dead in war-torn Mexico. My mind is filled with the thoughts of what could have been, and it hurts so much. While that may not sound so severe to you, to my parents: it does. Healthcare isn't cheap here, and I don't have insurance because frankly I can't afford it.

School is a secondary concern. It shouldn't be. But I don't qualify for Financial Aid because they require parent demographics, which I can't supply. Given my situation, I should be considered an unaccompanied youth, no? My parents' deportation is not enough to prove that fact.

I know. I felt the same way. And no, I can't find a single homeless liaison in my district that can help me say: I' am an unaccompanied youth and I want an education!

Beyond community college, what do I have? Transferring to an actual university with my kind of minimal income is slim to none, and I won't be so quick as to sign off on an actual student loan from a bank. Not with this economy...

And on the subject of money: I'm calling in favors from friends to even make this month's rent. And this is with the luck that my friends ACTUALLY care enough to step in and make sure they don't find me in the middle of nowhere, sleeping in a box with my partial delusions.

Tell me--have I scared you yet? Would you want that for your child or children, at such a young age? I made the painful decision to leave my family behind for the sake of a better education. I can't even have that! The most twisted portion of my case isn't even me.

My parents are in poverty, living off my family's charity. My dad's singular job as a baker isn't enough to maintain even a light phone bill, let alone an internet connection. For them, this is humiliating, dangerous and downright debilitating. My father has suffered some health scares recently and I'm more than sure that his diabetic condition is worsening. Being unable to care for yourself is one thing on their conscience.

But the thought that they can't even take care of me is the epitome of helpless in their troubled minds.

My parents, for twenty years as upstanding people in the United States before their ejection, paid their taxes, stayed out of trouble and did absolutely everything the government asked of them, from strict nightly curfews to wearing tracking devices on their ankles, usually meant for criminals. They endured discrimination for their racial background, little sleep, health problems, the deaths of their many friends and family they COULDN'T see for years AND the common issues that came with a teenage, rebellious daughter.

If I had to choose heroes or idols, it would be them. Because they are the definition of self-sacrifice to me. They have literally thrown everything out the window for me: sanity (surely...), pride, happiness...for my own well being. For their own offspring. They would gladly give their lives if it meant I could live just another day in utter joy. I owe this man and woman E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

And I'm sure, if it came to it--many of you would do the very same, if you thought that better days would be in store for your kids. With or without you.

Given the preceding statements, ladies and gentlemen, I ask you with my broken heart in hand: help me get my parents back home. Help me correct this terrible mistake the system has committed. Because as they sacrificed whatever viable means they had at their disposal to stay here, I would like to do the same for them. But I need help!

To be honest with you all, I'm not good at asking for help, but I'm willing to learn. I'm willing to believe that there will be many of you out there who will assist me with this cause.

My parents are Ramon Adolfo Cordoba-Jimenez and Maria Isabel Viveros de Cordoba (A mouthful I know). Alien Numbers: A079-290-250 and A079-290-251. I have more court documents saved if anyone would like to read more on their long case.

Please, help us get our lives back.

Thank you.

Ana Isabel Cordoba

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