Help Restore and Support the Historic Alcott Arts Center

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Chuck Green
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We are trying to gain as much support for  the Alcott Arts Center as possible in an attempt to keep from falling prey to the wrecking ball. Our neighborhood started the Alcott Arts Center 18 years ago when the ole historic school building was put up for sell. Unfortunately the only buyer at the time was a minimum security prison, which would house two hundred prisoners. 

This was in an area where a No-tel Mo-tel was right across the street from the Center and a very sick Truck-stop that was soon to close down.

Through community support the Alcott neighborhood ended up gaining possession of the School and established something positive that everyone could gain from. We have been an Arts Facility growing with an improving area for many years and just as things are looking up for the Alcott Neighborhood, the property becomes good developable land for modern uses.

Our goal was to restore the building to it's architectural beauty from years past  and make sure that it is able to continue it's mission of nurturing talent and providing a place for them to show those talents to the world. Everything Positive-Nothing Negative.

We feel that if we can get enough support through this petition our sitting county commissioners and anyone else that wants to assess whether the Alcott is worthy can see all of the love we get.