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 We, the undersigned, believe this is very important and demand the immediate end to the the repressive ways and abuse of power displayed by the Board of Education of the Baltimore County Public Schools. 

A Resolution:

The prejudices and intolerance towards a comment Ms. Robinson made on December 7, 2012 should have not led to Ms. Robinson being manipulated and unjustly terminated under the guise of retirement then changed to voluntarily resigned. The way the BCPS human resource personnel  handled Ms. Robinson's concerns of harassment and discrimination under duress, she said she was retiring and the way they misled her and manipulated the entire situation under those circumstances and the way the separation was done is unacceptable and an insult on Ms. Robinson's dignity and rights and her positive image she has presented throughout her 21 years working with BCPS. 


 RECOGNIZE that within Baltimore County Public Schools there are many other victims of the same scheme that has led Ms. Robinson and many others out of their job and this needs to be put to an immediate end. 

RECOGNIZE that Baltimore County Council has introduced a bill that would offer 1,100 county employees early retirement and this is a way to also save millions of dollars to reduce the size of the government workforce in the name of early retirement, voluntarily quit, constructive termination/quit and termination. Employees who are targeted unfairly under these schemes has been subjected to a violation of their constitutional rights which is unconstitutional. We hold the Board accountable to following your own policies that states: 

"The Board further believes that the separation, termination, and discharge of employees should be administered in a fair and consistent manner." 

RECOGNIZE that the failure of BCPS to follow their own policies and procedures when it comes to wrongful termination of employment of employees can lead to the loss of skills, education, unemployment, isolation, and family crisis including bullying, increased risk for drop outs of students, juvenile justice proceedings, and increased chance of incarceration, undue financial burdens, broken families and serious emotional, physical and mental health problems.

RECOGNIZE that the failure to allow due process to BCPS employees pending separation of employment increases the risk of bullying, delinquency and higher drop out rates that causes loss of educational opportunities which decreases children's chances for success and to become productive adult citizens of our communities.

AFFIRM through signatures of this resolution that the Baltimore of Education must reinstate Ms. Robinson back to work immediately and make her whole. The Board of Education policies and procedures must be followed and executed consistently and fairly. All of the employment related communications by or on behalf of the Board should be reviewed carefully to make sure that the Board articulate exactly what is meant. If policies, procedures, rules or methods of dealing with BCPS employees are described, they should be followed precisely. The Board policies should be reviewed regularly to make certain that they are understandable, consistent, current, capable of being implemented fully and in accordance with legal requirement. Misunderstandings can be reduced through well structured, understandable, progressively applied and equally enforced. There is no reason why the Board should not be able to comply with its own policies and procedures. 

SEEK SOLUTIONS and LEADERSHIP to solve these critical problems; not to force people to retire along with forcing people to constructive terminations and resignations. There are managerial and legal reasons for following an established termination procedure. 

URGE the Baltimore County Pubic School Board to work together to eliminate these unconstitutional violations of people's human/civil rights of due process and liberties. Upon receiving notice an employee is resigning or retiring, BCPS should notify the employee of the date, time, and location of an exit interview stating the employee's last check and other benefits that may be obtained by attending an exist interview. The exit interview should be conducted by an employee from BCPS Human Resources department. A second management representative and at least two high ranking union representatives should be represent in order to be a witnesses to anything that is done or said in the meeting. 

Even though the termination should be voluntary, possible disagreements about what was said or promised at the meeting may arise. Thus, in an exit interview the manager should write a memo outlining what was done and said during the meeting, sign and date it and place it in the individuals personnel file. Managers and employees should know what grounds may lead to firing, resigning and retiring and the procedures. Any employment termination must be approached cautiously and must not be improperly motivated. 


Letter to
Baltimore County Public Schools
My name is Sabrina Robinson. I am an honest, hard-worker. I worked for the Baltimore County Public Schools as a Custodian. I have been working as a Custodian for over 21 years almost close to retiring at 30 years. I was in the old 401k plan where I would get a match of what I have accumulated after retirement. On December 7, 2012, I was the victim of an injustice. I was unjustly and aggressively manipulated, taken advantage of, illegally discharge under the guise of retirement from Baltimore County Public Schools and treated like a delinquent by the my supervisors.

I was deprived of my due process by having my keys confiscated immediately. I have been morally financially affected.

Why was I illegally fired under the guise of retirement? I have been going through a lot of harassment and discrimination at the workplace and on December 7, 2012, I had enough and said I'm going to retire but this was a comment I made out of frustration and confusion.

I didn't go through the proper channels to receive a proper retirement neither was I given due process as having a union representative present to assist me if retirement was truly what I intended to do. The Baltimore County Public Schools did not follow their own policy to ensure I was given all the information needed to retire if that was my true intentions.

Until today, the school hasn't allowed me due process to continue to work for Baltimore County Public School after confiscating my keys and Id badge on December 7, 2012 for no reason at all. The information they present alleging I retired was manipulated and distorted and very inconsistent with the facts. The Personnel office claimed I retired in their system but then they reported to my unemployment claim I resigned denying me the opportunity to collect unemployment.

The ERS (Employee Retirement System) states I was not eligible for retirement and their system doesn't verify that I am an retiree according to their own policy. The power of abuse from the School administrators and personnel has hurt my integrity and my professional image working for Baltimore County Public Schools for over 21 years.

My personnel record is speaks for itself with outstanding appraisals and compliments from teachers and from different school administrators. I was promoted to acting supervisor numerous times because of good work ethics and performance. For any human being who has been dedicated that was close to retirement. Again, this inhumane treatment against me is unacceptable.

I demand a public apology from Baltimore County Public Schools for my unjustifiable, manipulated, exploited and unjust termination under the guise of retirement.

The prejudices and intolerance towards a comment I made on December 7, 2012 "I'm going to retire" was manipulated and I was unjustly terminated under the guise of retirement.

This inhumane treatment is an insult to my dignity and human rights. I ask that Baltimore County Public School officials offer a public apology for an unjust termination, and agree to cooperate with the grievance process that will be proposed by AFSCME Local 434 in order to get me reinstated immediately.

I request I be reinstated immediately and be made whole.
Manipulation, prejudice and intolerance should not be grounds for termination or a manipulation and exploitation of someone's ignorance or some one's frustrations. Baltimore County Public Schools is conveying false information about my alleged retirement now. The irony of this matter is they claiming now I voluntarily resigned on the same date December 7, 2012, they alleged I retired on which did not happen and is hurting my possibility of truly retiring from Baltimore County Public Schools along with me having the old 401k plan I had since 1991. I may also lose my health insurance, life insurance and my financial situation will only get much worse including my psychological state of well-being.

I demand to be reinstated back to work immediately.


Sabrina Robinson

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