Help Reggie Middleton Save Crypto

Help Reggie Middleton Save Crypto

May 12, 2022
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Why this petition matters


My name is Michael Wall (Get IT From Mike) and I am here to petition for support for Reggie Middleton and his idea to SAVE crypto.

We think that this petition will bring much-needed attention to his idea of, “Loans without banks. Trades without brokers. Contracts without Lawyers.”

We have an opportunity to change the WORLD by helping the man that created a simple and easy way for the regular people to be able to interact person-to-person without a middleman (bank or financial agent) charging us huge fees and taking our hard-earned money when we want to just make a transaction.

This could really help us.

The U.S. Government has granted Mr. Middleton a PATENT for his invention. You can read more about the patent here

This petition is for the MILLIONS of people that are not too technical or know much about blockchain technology, finances and bitcoin. It is also for those that know. 

Sometimes, it takes the voice of MANY regular and common people to get the attention of the decision-makers and authorities for REAL change to happen. The National Medal of Technology and Innovation is presented by the President of the United States. We hope you will support this petition to spread the word about Reggie Middleton and his work.

We want the United States Patent and Trademark Office to know that we support Reggie Middleton. We want to show the U.S. Government that the grassroots people really want them to consider that wealth, living wages, and prosperity are POSSIBLE for everyone! 

Reggie has advised tens of thousands of investors, traders, hedge funds, family offices and global banks. Mr. Middleton publicly predicted the fall of Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, GGP (2nd largest US retail REIT), and the European sovereign debt crisis amid nearly 100 successful macro and investment calls. Reggie's firm has been the first to settle a peer-to-peer blockchain swap, the first to apply for patent protection for the capital markets application of the technology in every major financial jurisdiction, and has heralded the merits of blockchain-based assets since 2013. He has been featured on The Keiser Report, Boom Bust, Bloomberg, BBC and CNBC on a regular basis. Fun fact: Reggie is an accomplished mixed martial artist, initially qualified for the 1988 olympic team and is an active fighter, self-sovereign philanthropist and father of three.

Here is more detail about the work of Reggie Middleton:


Devices, Systems, and Methods for Facilitating Low Trust and Zero Trust Value Transfers


Devices, systems, and methods enabling parties with little trust or no trust in each other to enter into and enforce value transfer agreements conditioned on input from or participation of a third party, over arbitrary distances, without special technical knowledge of the underlying transfer mechanism(s), optionally affording participation of third-party mediators, substitution of transferors and transferees, term substitution, revision, or reformation, etc. Such value transfers can occur reliably without involving costly third-party intermediaries who traditionally may otherwise be required, and without traditional exposure to counterparty risk.

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Signatures: 584Next Goal: 1,000
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