Exemption from paying rent for Non essential services Shops and Galas.

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5,000 साइन के बाद इस पेटीशन को स्थानीय मीडिया द्वारा कवर किए जाने की संभावना बढ़ सकेगी!

To the petition decision maker this is in regard to draw your attention towards the grievances faced by the Real Estate brokers of Maharashtra. Due to sudden lockdown and then extended. which is the only remedy or precautionary measure taken for the sudden outbreak of pandemic covid-19, With due respect of the decision taken for extension of lockdown in INDIA, people are considering all precautionary measures by staying home safely and breaking the chain of deadly virus covid-19. To more attention majority of the Business man in Maharashtra are running commercial businesses in rented shops and offices. As many days passed due to total Lockdown there in no income for all Non essential services Like Saloon, Beauty Parlour, Garages, Stationery, Offices, Small Scale industry, Wine and Beer Shop, Tours and Travels, Estate Agency's and Restaurants and Bars. and for same we have started receiving calls from owners asking for rent payments.

As we the estate brokers are the link between owners and tenants we are forced to take decisions for vacating the tenants out from their homes for not paying rents, which is very crucial at this difficult time. so if you could please look into this matter by either setling or posing some installment method after completion of lockdown period.
what are the facilities or measures for the middle class people who are in midst of all this are forgotten by our honrary government officials. we are pleading you to take necessary and the bestest solution for middle class population.