Help Randy get home !!!

Help Randy get home !!!

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Started by Shannon Dobbs

Please Help Randy Dann get Home to his Family where he belongs!! Randy received 10 years Federal Prison time for a NON-VIOLENT, possession of a controlled substance charge. I'm not saying that being in possession of a controlled substance is ok by any means . And Randy feels the same . But what I am saying is that being sentenced to 10 years in Federal prison  with no chance of parole is way to much time for a NON-VIOLENT crime in my opinion, and in many others opinions as well.. Before covid Randy had taken every class offered to better himself.. He has even become  a certified Electrician since he has been locked up.. As if getting a 10 year sentence wasn't enough , they also have placed him over 1000 miles away from his family and friends.. Even though inmates aren't supposed to be placed more than 500 miles away from family if possible . Randy had even put in for a transfer closer to home , but was denied. Due to the distance and the covid virus on top of it . Randy has not been able to see his family for close to 5 years!!!!  One of the BOP'S (Federal Bureau of Prisons) restrictions to curb the spread of the corona virus is not allowing any visitors. On top of that the prisoners have been subjected to HARSH Lockdowns and restriction of movement between facilities. If that weren't bad enough they have all but eliminated all educational and other reform programs offered to the prisoners. Randy has several health issues that have worsened since being incarcerated. Getting covid could be fatal for him.. In U.S. prison's alone there have been 574,413 cases of covid 19 and 2,849 deaths from the virus.. Resent studies show that prisoners are 5x more likely to get covid and 3x more likely to die from it. Due to Poor & Harsh living conditions, poor access to hygiene products & close quarters. Prisons have long been hotbeds of disease outbreaks. Prisons across the country have housed some of the worst clusters of covid 19 cases. Randy has filed for a Covid Compassionate release, but the Judge has denied it.

When it comes to compassionate release, 3553 matter before The First Step Act passed in Dec. 2018, the BOP could file a motion on behalf of an inmate seeking a "compassionate release" sentence reduction under the 18 US C  35829 (c) (1) (A). Disgusted with the BOP'S chariness on seeking releases for sick or dying inmates, Congress included a provision in First Step authorizing prisoners to seek Compassionate Release Directly, after asking the BOP to do so & then waiting 30 days while the BOP either refused or Dithered. Even after The First Step was passed, Compassionate Releases were not widely used. But since the corona virus pademic , Compassionate Release Sentence Reductions have been a fast growing area of the law.

One of the things that the 3553 factor states is that the court shall as in MUST consider certain factors in determining a specific sentence to be given, so that the sentence is enough, but not more than necessary . Such as in Randy's case of 10 years for a NON-VIOLENT crime.  

Did you know that the U.S has less than 5% of the world's population and nearly 1/4 of it are inmates. Astonishly if the 2.3 million inmates were a state . It would be more populous that 16 other states put together. We spend about $270 billion a year on our criminal justice system. In California it costs $75,000 to house one inmate per year. That's more that it would cost to send them to Harvard . Mass incarceration exacerbates poverty & serves as an economic ball & chain that holds back millions making it harder in getting a job , access to public benefits & reintegrates the community. If the more NON-VIOLENT  criminals , like Randy Dann were more appropriately sentenced, and were released earlier it would result in a cost savings of over $20 Billion a year, and around $200 Billion over 10 yrs. Thats enough $ to employ 270,000 new police officers, 360,000 new probation officers or 330,000 new school teachers. It would be greater than the annual budgets of the U.S Departments of Commerce & labor combined!!  

Randy is in no way giving up his fight for a Compassionate release. He is in the process of filing again but this time he will be hiring an attorney . He as well as many other inmates like Randy Need YOUR HELP IN GETTING THE JUSTICE THEY DESERVE, BY SIGNING THIS PETITION!!! 

All of Us MUST ensure that we don't subject another generation of young people to these out of control injustice prison sentences. So PLEASE  stand up and help fight against this . You can start here by signing this petition to Help Randy Get Home to his Family Sooner and Safer!!! 

   Thank You All in advance from the bottom of our hearts for your support...!!!

174 have signed. Let’s get to 200!