Help Psoriasis patients get treatment

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Psoriasis Association Of Malaysia
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Watch this video to better understand the pain Psoriasis patients live through: LINK

At this point of time, there’s no cure for Psoriasis but there are newer and effective treatments available that help us manage our symptoms. However, the cost of treatment is a huge burden to our finances and not all of us are able to afford this for the rest of our lives.

With treatment, there is hope for us to live normal lives.

With treatment, the number of flares-ups will be reduced.

With treatment, we do not have to be in pain.

With treatment, we can avoid developing the comorbidities that come with Psoriasis.

With treatment, there may be a chance for clear skin.

Hence, we wish to implore the government’s support to make Psoriasis treatments more accessible in Malaysia.

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