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Known as the "Everglades of Central Jersey" the 1,240-acre Dismal Swamp Conservation Area is the largest natural area remaining in northern Middlesex County, spanning portions of Edison, Metuchen and South Plainfield. The Dismal Swamp serves as a natural oasis holding United States Environmental Protection Agency Federal Priority Wetlands. The Dismal Swamp is home to over 175 species of birds, and two dozen species of mammals, amphibians and reptiles, as well as a dozen threatened and endangered species, such as the American bittern, bald eagle, and spotted turtle. The Dismal Swamp also provides natural flood control, while its forests produce oxygen, and its wetlands clean and purify water.

Unfortunately, not all of the land in the Dismal Swamp is protected and much of it is at-risk for development. Help us preserve the remaining open space in the Dismal Swamp for the families of Middlesex County, not developers!

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Letter to
Edison Council Robert Diehl
South Plainfield Council Robert Bengivenga, Jr.
Metuchen Council Richard E. Weber
and 18 others
South Plainfield Council Timothy McConville
South Plainfield Council Chrissy Buteas
South Plainfield Council Franky Salerno
Edison Council Melissa Perilstein
Edison Council Sudhanshy Prasad
South Plainfield Council Alex Barletta
Metuchen Council Sheri-Rose Rubin
South Plainfield Council Raymond Rusnak
Metuchen Council Christopher Morrison
Edison Council Robert Karabinchak
Edison Council Wayne Mascola
Edison Council Thomas Lankey
Metuchen Council Peter Cammarano
Metuchen Council Justin Manley
Mayor of Edison Mayor Ricigliano
Mayor of South Plainfield Mayor Anesh
Mayor of Metuchen Mayor Vahalla
Edison Council Alvaro Gomez
I am writing to urge you to take immediate action and preserve all remaining open space in the Dismal Swamp Conservation Area, the last remaining significant nature area in densely populated northern Middlesex County.

Located in Edison, Metuchen, and South Plainfield, the Dismal Swamp provides invaluable flood control for local residents, as well as offering unique environmental education trips for thousands of area schoolkids, scout troops, members, and disabled adults and children. If action is not taken soon, ecologically sensitive wetlands, floodplains, forested uplands, and meadows will be paved over, resulting in Middlesex County families experiencing dramatically increased flooding, residents suffering from increased traffic, and rare wildlife habitat utilized by dozens of threatened and endangered species being destroyed.

The Dismal Swamp Preservation Commission was formed two years ago in order to preserve this precious resource, but has yet to establish a preservation plan as required. In the meantime, almost 50 acres of flood control land have been lost to development. The goals of the draft Master Plan must be implemented immediately in order to preserve what we have left.

I respectfully request for you to write a formal letter to the Middlesex County Freeholders urging them to make the protection of the all remaining open space in the Dismal Swamp Conservation Area the top priority for their open space funding. Act now and save the Dismal Swamp Conservation Area for the families of Middlesex County, not developers!


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