Support Masking in Illinois Schools

Support Masking in Illinois Schools

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Started by Jessica Jacob

On 10/20/2021 attorney Thomas DeVore filed a class action lawsuit (Court Number 2021 MR 91) with Illinois’ Macoupin County Court. In that suit. Mr. Devore seeks to force children in Illinois schools to attend school with other children whose parents do not want their children to wear masks, or quarantine if found to be in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID as recommended by the CDC and as mandated by Governor Pritzker with the support of the IDPH and the ISBE.

In the suit, DeVore names parents from 145 separate Illinois school districts who he claims have the standing to represent all other parents, children and by association teachers and other employees of each school district. As a signer of this petition, I demonstrate my objection to the filing of this suit for one or more of the following reasons:

  • ​I do not agree with the suit.
  • ​I was not asked to be a part of the suit.
  • ​I was not informed that the suit was being drafted or that it was filed.

​The individuals listed as “representing” me and/or my children, in fact, do not represent me ​and/or my children.

​This lawsuit is based purely on the opinions of Mr. DeVore and the people he represents, these ​opinions are not based in science and are, in fact, in direct contradiction to well known, well ​accepted, longstanding science and medical principles.

​The people bringing this suit do not represent the majority of parents, children, employees, and ​other stakeholders living, working and/or paying taxes in the school district that they claim to ​represent.

​If this lawsuit is successful, I believe that me and/or my child(ren) and every other child and ​employee in Illinois schools will be at higher risk of contracting COVID.

​Children are not impervious to contracting COVID and most children in Illinois, like throughout ​the rest of the country, do not yet qualify to be vaccinated against the virus.

​Allowing these people to knowingly send their children to school unvaccinated and unmasked ​and to stay there even if known to have been exposed to the COVID 19 virus, especially the ​Delta variant of that virus, exposes every child and employee in the schools to the virus and the ​possibility of severe illness and even death.

All are welcome to sign this petition. Including parents, educators, students, any other stakeholder in any of the districts being sued as well as anyone else who supports people who work to keep kids safely in schools.


2,578 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!