Protect Hooksett Children and School Employees From Armed Intruders

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Every day there are more and more accounts across the United States about armed intruders killing or wounding students or staff members at American schools, not to mention the psychological harm these intruders inflict upon their victims.  There are many theories as to why there are so many school shootings ranging from increased gun violence, mental health issues, broken homes, isolation and bullying at school and the list goes on and on.  What we do know is that there are means available today to protect the children.  There is no nation wide solution to this problem, however we can prevent armed intruders from causing harm to the children of Hooksett and this petition is to request that the Hooksett School District along with the Town of Hooksett take the following action at the Hooksett schools, specifically David R. Cawley Middle School, Hooksett Memorial School and Fred C. Underhill School.  Install permanent, part-time, armed school resource officers at each of the schools to immediately confront any armed intruder.  Together, we can make Hooksett children, staff and visitors safe within our school buildings and prevent another tragedy like Sandy Hook Elementary, Stoneman Douglas High School and Columbine High School for examples.