Help Protect Homes and Schools from Homeless Housing in San Jose

Help Protect Homes and Schools from Homeless Housing in San Jose

May 8, 2022
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Community Development Partners (CDP) are planning to build 160 affordable housing units at 525 N Capitol Ave, San Jose, 40% of which will be reserved for formerly and chronically homeless individuals. This location was zoned as a commercial space when the lot plan was shared by PulteGroup, Inc. with the neighboring residents. According to the city documentation, this lot was meant for medical office space:

As per the project website: this project has a significant provision for homeless people. Quoting from project page below:

"40 units designated as permanent supportive housing for formerly and chronically homeless individuals and another 25 eligible for housing vouchers for homeless veterans."

So about 40% or 65 out of proposed 160 homes are planned for homeless people. 

While it is important to find ways to help homeless people, it is also important to ensure safety for everyone. The above sites are dangerous for the homeless. This project is right next to a major intersection and Santa Clara VTA line not protected by any fence. This is not a safe area to be located especially for people who are disabled with serious mental illness, chronic alcohol and drug problems.

Since September 2021, at least 5 meetings have occurred so far and a rezoning application has been submitted without keeping all of the neighboring residents informed which has raised concerns regarding lack of transparency about this project.

For children's safety advocates, the proposed site is problematic because it is within 100 feet of a new children's park that is ready to be opened (Note: in 2015, California struck down the law that prevented sex offenders from living within 2000 ft of a park or school). It is also located right in the middle of a residential neighborhood of small children of San Jose. Near those sites, there are more than 8 schools. While the proposed number of homeless people is slightly below 50% occupancy limits of the community, we still need to account for known problems associated to homeless shelters (i.e: which the proposed housing will be - partially); primarily the increase of crime and drugs around the neighborhood. The proposed site is within a densely populated area and there are a lot of children living in the existing neighboring properties. A project completed by Community Development Partners in Vacaville had two women murdered inside the community not too long ago. We have similar example of a Project HomeKey (a project for homeless housing) site built in Milpitas where a murder occurred within a few months of its opening. There are other reports of daily crime, mental instability issues, active shootings, drugs, in close proximity to these kinds of communities. Settling homeless people in close proximity to the small children living nearby would create unsafe environment for them.

The proposed project at 525 N Capitol Ave is also flawed as 'affordable housing' because it comes with a zone change of commercial space into residential where there are pre-existing dense neighboring properties with very limited resources and small children. Converting the zoning for this location and constructing 160 more homes within an already densely populated area would result into resource constrains and traffic problems (i.e: parking problems, plus congestion around neighboring community entrances).

This petition is NOT intended to stop building housing for those who need them, but we should reconsider the location and engage the local community during the process and keep the decision transparent

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Signatures: 1,292Next Goal: 1,500
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