Help Protect a 5-year-old Boy from Pollution from a Palm Oil Burning Power Plant

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Help Protect a 5-year-old Boy from Pollution from a Palm Oil Burning Power Plant
- Stop “Sankei Fukuchiyama Biomass Power Plant” in Kyoto

Sign the petition to the CEO of Sankei Group:

”We demand that Sankei Group close the Sankei Fukuchiyama Palm Oil Biomass Power Plant. Its pollution is hurting local residents and increased demand for palm oil is destroying tropical forests. We urge you to only operate truly clean energy generation like solar or wind power.”

[Ritsuki’s Story]
These pictures were drawn by Ritsuki, a 5-year-old boy living in Fukuchiyama (Kyoto), He drew them to encourage his mother who is suffering from pollution from Sankei Fukuchiyama Biomass Power Plant.

"Stink and noisy all my hause becose biomass, how to stop?” wrote the boy.

(My house is full of stench and noise from the biomass power plant. How can I stop it?)

Ritsuki loves animals so much that he wanted to become "Mr. Giraffe" when he’d grown up.

Influenced by the pollution from the palm oil burning power plant, he read a picture book about palm oil related problems.

He was shocked to tears when he learned that the demand for palm oil is killing many wild animals. Their habitat is lost because of conversion into oil palm plantations!

Now Ritsuki wants to become a lawyer to help his beloved mother and wild animals of tropical rainforest.


[My Commitment for Ritsuki]

I was shocked when I heard Ritsuki’s story, and could not ignore the pollution that is causing so much misery for this little boy.

As an adult and father myself, I felt responsible for him and his mother, and have made an commitment to abolish Sankei Fukuchiyama Biomass Power Plant.

(* ”Ritsuki” is a pseudonym)

[How it all started…]

In 2017, the Sankei Group started the construction of the power plant explaining to the local residents that “This is an eco-friendly power plant that causes no noise or odour related problems.”

However, this so-called “eco-friendly power plant” was actually a palm oil burning power plant.

Palm oil is produced by clearing valuable rainforests for large-scale plantations.

In other words, palm oil production is destroying wild animals’ home, is a major driver of climate change, and responsible for terrible human rights violations against people in Indonesia and Malaysia: depriving their land and exploiting them in harsh working conditions in inhumane way. That’s why environmental groups all over the world are criticising its use for the damage on our Mother Earth and people in producing countries.

Importing palm oil for so-called “eco-friendly biomass power generation” is not just risky for rainforest, but has also created problems inside Japan: noise and odour pollution.

Since it is a small-scale plant, the range of pollution is only around 600 m, but imagine that the residents are suffering from the strong stench and noise, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year... it’s like a living hell!

Some residents move away from their familiar home with tears, because they cannot stand the bad smell and noise. A proof how severe the pollution is caused by this palm oil power plant.


We ask for your help in stopping Sankei Fukuchiyama Palm Oil Burning Power Plant. For planet and people, both in Japan and in palm oil producing countries.